“We’re fussy¬†about our local creative scene.”

To serve as a platform to further enhance the design and creative community in Singapore. To connect skills with clients and curiosity with knowledge.

FUSSY Features

Ever wondered what project was recently completed? Which Architect designed that building? Which Graphic Designer conceptualized that Corporate Identity? What design thinking processes a Creative Agency goes through?

Currently looking for Creatives with Stock Images/Vectors to sell!

Other FUSSY Outlets

Coming Soon

A marketplace to buy and sell graphic vectors, fonts, mockups, templates or even local images and videos! Find out how to start selling!

The Fussy Shop

Looking for creative products instead? Head over to our Shop by The Fussy Curator!

Coming Soon

Or maybe you’re a designer looking for freelance projects? There will be a platform for you to be able to connect with clients! Get notified when it's launching!