KEEP LUSH 99.5FM ALIVE #ilistentolush

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When your passion and what you stand for is at risk of succumbing to mass ideals and how things are believed to be, it’s time to gather your supporters and fight for what you believe in. Lush 99.5fm, the only music station in Singapore playing indie music and continuously big on supporting local acts, has not reached a satisfactory number according to a recent Nielsen survey. Although the survey could have been executed more appropriately, it’s a survey nonetheless and the MDA has caught hold of it.


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Walking distance from Somerset MRT, Lloyd’s Inn is located right in the heart of Singapore but offers an experience distant from the bustling city life. The rebranding of Lloyd’s Inn was done by FARM in 2014 with regards to their new logo, collaterals and spatial appearance. The new logo represents the individualities of their guest travelers but what FUSSY saw from it was a playful and vibrant revamp, with the Y representing the trees and lush greenery it was surrounded with, and the minimalist L’s representing the clean and simple pathways and structures they had, which also looks the part from a floor plan. Intrigued, we booked ourselves a one-night stay over at their Garden room.


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As design evangelists and designers ourselves, we fully understand the amount of effort and work that goes into producing the final product. The process should not be discredited and it really bothers us when people steal the credit for works that aren’t theirs. Processes should be conveyed to consumers to better understand the value of the product. It’s probably why many Singaporeans are buying ‘replicas’. Although FUSSY generally regards them as fakes, let’s place them nicely at ‘replicas’ whereby businesses would say they carry, just to appear legitimate. Especially if it’s copies of designs which can no longer be protected by law since the designs by Arne Jacobsen are more than 50 years old. We spoke about the “Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Fakes“. We’ll now tell you shocking news of where ‘replicas’ are located right here in Singapore, even though we’re considered a very law abiding society.


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We learnt more about Republic of Fritz Hansen‘s craft and we realized that consumers are unaware of the craft and details of designer pieces thus not thinking twice about buying a fake. Fakes should not be considered as an alternative to a designer piece and FUSSY gives you the Top 5 Reasons you should not purchase another fake or if you put it undeservingly pleasant, a ‘replica’.


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There are many furniture design companies in the world. But when we first saw Dario Reicherl at Singapore Indesign 2015 during the BIZLIFE segment, we knew we wanted to learn more. He generously agreed for a meet up recently and we gathered a lot about him and his company, Republic of Fritz Hansen, which we will be talking about over the next few days.