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The graduating cohort of SIT GSA 2016 had their recent show at DECK, which took place earlier this week. We made a trip down to see the works and quite a few caught our eye. We’d be featuring these passionate individuals with a story of their own to tell over the next few weeks.

One of the few works that caught our eye was Abigail’s. Her message to people; to show the beauty of animals, to save them. Her mode of communication was interesting. She actually went around a park to collect remnants of life forms. Rodent bones, feathers, shells etc. We briefly caught up with her to find out more about her work, Extinction.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • A: I’m a very friendly and approachable person with a heart to learn and the ability to work well with others. I possess a heart for adventure and a love for animals and nature.

    My strength is in my illustrations and I strive to be a professional children’s storybook illustrator.

  • What is ‘Extinction’ about?
  • A: Extinction is my final year project that expanded and developed within a span of 11 months. Exploring from birds to land animals to sea creatures and even a bit of flora.

    Extinction highlights absence, loss and fragility of the remarkable animals. Portraying animals at their best as well as at their worst, depicting them at a time when they felt no fear of man.

  • A: If I can show the beauty of the animals, there is a chance to save them. To create something personal yet universal is a challenge. I hope to use details to touch the lives of others and create a symphony worth remembering, to help the world regain the very essence of ‘life’. The world is singing, but we’ve stopped listening…

  • The collaterals you’ve used in Extinction include bones and feathers. Tell us about that?
  • A: Extinction is inspired from how Natural History Museums curate their works – how they show individual specimens or illustrations as of equal value and beauty.

    I actually ventured around Pasir Ris Park quite a few times to find some of the specimens showcased: the feathers, the owl pellet and the tiny rodent bones.

    The illustrations were inspired from Charles Darwin’s old sketchbooks, rough yet documentative.

  • Takeaway message for readers?
  • A: I wanted to show people that this is happening if we don’t do something. This outcome of seeing these animals for the last time is real and it’s a very scary thing.
Read on for some facts about Abigail!

Abigail Leonora Lim

24 // Aquarius

Ideal Career // I plan to work in the Publishing Industry.

Creative Philosophy // Making dreams turn into reality.

Fact // I want people to know I am a kind and helpful person.

Message // The one message is that people will realise the beauty around them before its too late.

FUSSY // I guess I am FUSSY about cleanliness and order in things. Haha.



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