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To encourage creatives to pursue their craft, and even take it further, professionally.

FUSSY started out of frustration. Brandon was trying to find uniquely designed products by designers with passionate stories. But everything in Singapore seemed as though the values of the products were only decided by their price tag. There wasn’t a writeup about it or a story of the creator. That made it all seem boring and lifeless to him.

That’s when Brandon started FUSSY. A place where he could write about products and share the creative process of the creators. A place where he could freely harness his (irritating) trait of being fussy about things he liked or didn’t like. It started out well, bringing in products not found in Singapore and selling them. But it soon lost its meaning.

Brandon realized that he didn’t quit his comfortable full time job just so he could do that. He wanted to help the local creative community, in any way possible.

That’s how FUSSY became what it is now, a Marketplace for creative individuals to be able to sell their craft and share their stories. A place for everyone to gather and see what the local community has to offer.

In turn, creating awareness for creative individuals, encouraging them to pursue their craft even further.

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Brandon Lim

The Fussy Curator

Brandon is particular about what is being shared on FUSSY. A creative himself, he has a Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design, and a Bachelor’s in Design (Communication Design).

He started FUSSY as he believed something needed to be done for the creative community in order for the mass to take notice and be patrons to local creativity. The experiences people have with creativity is of utmost importance to him.

Brandon has worked professionally in Branding, Media, Publications and in Design Agencies. He has also freelanced for Non-Profit Organisations and hopes to continue doing so, to support the cause that they fight for.

Melvin Tan

The Fussy Strategist

Melvin has a Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design, and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Interior Design.

Currently practising interior design, Melvin believes in transforming and bettering people’s life through design. He is a strong advocator of good and sound design, understanding the importance of how design can improve your daily experiences and aims to make it possible for more people to make it part of their everyday life.

For the uninitiated, design may seem foreign; but he believes that with FUSSY’s initiative for more exposure, design will soon be a second language for all.