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Allyson illustrates using mixed media and there’s a certain aesthetic towards her style that caught our attention. Heavily influenced by watercolour, she describes her style best – simple, tranquil and therapeutic. She also made a publication on ‘We Deserve To Be Blessed’, copywritten in two languages, Chinese and English. We caught up with her to find out more about her influences and illustrations.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
  • Allyson (A): I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Singapore.

    I like to combine traditional painting, mixed media and collage with contemporary techniques. This helps me in creating a unique and imaginative visual language.

    I like to challenge and not limit myself to a specific project. I take on a variety of work and welcome individual requests for bespoke artwork, children’s picture books and commercial illustrations. It is fun for me!

  • Your illustrations seem to have a watercolour influence to them as well. Is there a reason/story as to why you’re inclined towards watercolour?

    A: When I was a teenager, I met an art teacher and she taught me watercolor for almost a year. She realized that I like to paint, so she always encouraged me and helped me to send my works to participate in different types of competitions. I won some awards and this made me more confident and driven to create better works.

  • We really like your illustrations on ‘We Deserve To Be Blessed’. Tell us a bit about that?
  • A: Everyone knows the importance of loving oneself but due to various circumstances, we tend to forget the need to appreciate who we are. This project highlights the importance of self-esteem for ladies and inspires them to become a better woman. This is a reflective and empowerment project for the ladies who are facing such situation.

  • You also made a publication about it, in both Chinese and English. Why so?
  • A: The essence of language plays a big part in the message I wanted to convey to my target audiences. That is why I kept 2 languages, keeping the essence of message I wanted to convey and also catering to a larger group of audience.

  • What’s your process of doing watercolour illustrations?
  • A: Not much of a process actually, just start painting! I do like to observe and imagine though. When inspiration strikes, I will write them down and paint it when I am free.

  • What’s your style in three words?
  • A: Simple, tranquil and therapeutic.

  • Are there any tips you have for people interested in illustrating a water coloured piece?
  • A: Be patient and never stop practicing. You can paint anytime and sometimes you don’t even need a reason to paint. Just paint what you like, as it is part of practicing. Also, try to use thicker watercolour paper and it will be easier for you to paint!

  • Lastly, a takeaway message for readers?
  • A: A tough journey doesn’t last, tough people do (:
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Allyson Lim

24 | Virgo

Website   |   Behance   |   Instagram

Ideal Career // Do what I like. Turn passion into career.

Creative Approach // I don’t really have a creative approach. But I always like to share my works and sometimes you will get interesting feedback!

Fact // I like to make new friends! Just come and know me 🙂

Message // Be humble and always be prepared to start.

FUSSY // My bed. If I just come back, I must shower before I lie down on the bed. Also, I won’t put anything from outside on the bed. My bed must be clean!



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