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Aly of Aly Letters, has been combining her brush lettering craft with Christian verses. She stood out to us amongst the rest, as she took it a step further, creating a kit for those who are interested in experiencing first hand the craft of brush lettering.

For those unfamiliar, brush lettering is essentially a mix between hand lettering and calligraphy, done with brush pens. Intrigued by why she created the kit, we spoke to her about her craft of brush lettering and how she started. Also, if you’d like to try it out for yourself, read on to know where to get her kits!

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

  • Aly (A): My lettering journey started out with me wanting to sketch/draw/create something to document the main points of my quiet time for the day. I started off with just penning down verses in normal handwriting, until I came across this brush lettering account on Instagram.

    Brush lettering was completely new to me, and yet as I watched her videos and studied her artwork, I took great interest in the pieces she was creating and aspired to do the same. So over the course of a few months, I picked up brush lettering alphabet by alphabet, using an old brush and paints I already had at home. As I improved, I was able to write out verses, quotes and design cards, gifting them to friends and family.

  • How did you start uploading your works?

  • A: Since young, I’ve always had a strong interest in arts and craft, but never had the chance to formally pursue it. It was not practical to spend my time painting, and anyways I had no idea what to paint. So naturally when I discovered brush lettering, painting words (which was kind of practical) became my favourite past time and was a great de-stressor especially during the university exam period.

    After finals were over, through promptings from my sister, I set up my humble Christian account purely to document my works.

    Since then, I’ve been amazed with the support and encouragement from both the Christian and lettering community. Even as a beginner, everyone has been so kind and I’ve really learnt a lot from the pioneers. It’s a humbling privilege that my artwork now reaches out to 1500 amazing people and I’m so happy to be given an opportunity to share God’s word with the public.

  • Tell us more about your Brush Lettering Kit and how it came about?

  • A: When I first started brush lettering, it was really hard to pick up because I did not have any knowledge on how to write specific alphabets. So what I personally did was scour the many Instagram accounts and nit pick specific alphabets I liked, then adapted them to make it my own. With this compilation of letters, I found it so much easier to create entire typography pieces because I knew exactly what to write.

    Thus I compiled the Brush Lettering Starter Kit for my sister because she wanted to pick it up as well. I never expected the demand for these kits to be so high, but soon many people started enquiring about it and so I decided to digitize and produce these kits in greater quantities.

  • What are some of the difficulties you face while brush lettering?

  • A: Pen grip. Definitely my pen grip. With the wrong grip, it’s really hard to get clean thin and thick strokes from your brush pen.

  • Do people question you about the differences between brush lettering and calligraphy? And is there even a difference besides the tool used?

  • A: No actually, people don’t question me about the difference as many of them see both forms of handwriting as similar. I personally think so too as the alphabet styles are quite similar and the pressure rules apply as well! The difference besides the tool would probably be the convenience I guess, since calligraphy dip pens aren’t exactly handy to be carrying around in your pencil case, unlike a simple brush pen.

  • Takeaway message for readers?

  • A: Stop wishing, start doing. If something interests you, pursue it! Even if you never succeed, spending time to discover our passion is a really therapeutic and rewarding process! Whatever recognition or success you get out of it are simple bonuses(:

  • Brush Lettering Kit

  • For those interested in purchasing Aly Letters’ Brush Lettering Kit, the kit is available for Pre-Order at $35 dollars only until 3rd December! Thereafter, it will be priced at $40.

    The kit contains an A5 Grid Manual with all the tips and tricks that Aly knows about for Brush Lettering, including practice pages! Two brush pens will also be included, the Pentel Fude Touch and Tombow Dual Brush.

    Get your Brush Lettering Kit now!

Read on for more about Aly!


22 // Pisces

Ideal Career // A job that allows me to be creative! So if you ask me to pick a brand, I would love to be on the creative team for Kikki K(But unfortunately they currently do not have such positions available in SG yet)

Creative Approach // Don’t procrastinate when you’ve got an idea, start immediately and just let your creative juices take charge. Also, don’t be afraid to try new techniques even if the outcome doesn’t look ideal.

Fact // I want people to know that apart from my family and friends, I really really love Daddy God! He’s awesome and the peace that comes with a relationship with him is something I would never trade for anything. Y’all should give him a chance in your life as well.

Message // Don’t doubt yourself before you’ve even started. You wont know what you’re capable of, if you never try! So starting is already half the battle won, don’t be afraid to chase after something that makes life worth living.

FUSSY // I’m fussy about my food HAHA. This is completely unrelated, but I’m quite a picky eater, and it’s definitely something I can improve on.



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