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Annamei Forbes creates bracelets made from beads and other embellishments. Her made to order bracelets started out as something she enjoyed doing for herself and soon after became sought after by her peers. She’s currently taking a degree in biotechnology, as her passion lies in biology. Which is also why we like her story as individuals need to know that craft and its creativity is not limited to professionals. Everyone has a creative story to tell, whether you’re a doctor, a banker or a teacher. Read a little more about her latest collection inspired from the Greek Gods.
“Made with utmost care to the customers measurements with semi-precious stone beads and other beads such as wood and japanese gold beads.”Annamei Forbes
  • // Artemis
  • A: The Goddess of The Hunt, wilderness and wild animals. Embodied by the head of the lion, with tiger eye beads and matte onyx beads. 
Revel in your wild side. Everybody’s got one.
  • // Aphrodite
  • A: My latest design for my Greek god series of bracelets. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, desire and beauty.
  • // Hermes
  • A: The messenger of the gods and conductor of souls to the Underworld. With all that traveling around, I’m sure he’d fancy a sturdy leather cord wrap bracelet with a gold plated 925 silver charm.
See more of her bracelets over at instagram, @annamei.f or read on for some facts about her!

Annamei Forbes

20 // Virgo

[email protected] // Carousell @annamei.f // Instagram @annamei.f

Design // To create bracelets that I would be proud to wear, and create a brand that I would be proud to call mine.

Ideal Career // Biology has always been an interest of mine. As you can see, this interest has developed into something more. An ideal career for me would be somewhere along the line of marine biology. This stems from my love for marine life.

Fact // I started out making bracelets for myself. After seeing me wearing my bracelets, my friends started asking me to make bracelets for them and insisted on paying me, this gave me the idea to sell bracelets. It satisfied me to know that my products had put a smile on my friends faces when they got the bracelets that they wanted and were happy with.

Message // To take joy out of the little things in life. I have never thought that I’d have so much joy from building little pieces of art for people to wear.



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