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  • // Art Stage Singapore 2016
  • Still going on at Marina Bay Sands, till 24th January 6pm, we found ourselves attracted to meaning and details this year, more so than previous years. Here’s 3 of our favourite pieces at Art Stage, along with some shots of pieces we enjoyed!
  • // Wolfgang Stiller – Matchstick Men
  • Jumping right into it, one of our favourite works from Art Stage 2016 is from Mark Hachem’s gallery, Wolfgang Stiller. His piece, Matchstick Men caught our attention right at the get go with burnt Chinese faces on top of huge matchsticks. He wants to leave the creative interpretation up to the viewers but some have expressed that it’s related to the criticism of the Chinese government. He has made different variations across the years and on display are ones from 2012-2014.
  • What we saw however, were people being burnt out by not doing anything. There wasn’t a flame, the matchsticks weren’t lit and they are still slowly withering away. It’s not the aftermath of their burn out that is displayed, but still in the process of burning out. Not doing what they truly wanted to be doing in life, succumbing to mass ideals. Since they are surrounded by people who are doing the same, they don’t realize that.
  • // Zheng Lu – Water Dripping – Splashing
  • Next is a piece from Sundaram Tagore Gallery, the sculptural work of Zheng Lu, Water Dripping – Splashing (2014) defies gravity. The splashing form of the sculpture is that of his influence with traditional Chinese calligraphy. It’s not just the gravity defying form that’s intriguing, but its in the details of the construction. It’s made up of thousands of stainless steel Chinese characters that has been heated and then shaped together.
  • // Zheng Lu – Myself
  • Lastly, our favourite piece this year is (again) by Zheng Lu titled, Myself. Our interpretation – everyone is being strong on the surface, ‘flexing their muscles’ with strong postures. But inside us all, lies someone reserved. We really like how the arms are used to accentuate the juxtaposition of being confident yet self-conscious, brave yet timid and strong yet weak.
More that we were attracted to!

You must see this in person. Patrick Hughes Volatile Venice, 2015 Oil on board construction B16 Flowers Gallery

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By Trent Parke E18 Hugo Michell Gallery

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