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Averinewyou also known as Amanda Ong, does digital illustrations, paintings and sketches. Her understanding of contours is evident in her painting of The Fault in Our Stars, with attention to details of hair curls and the shadowing of facial features. We really like how she managed to show Hazel’s smiling eyes even when they’re closed, and the slight curl at the end for the eyelashes. Hazel’s eye stands out in the whole composition of the painting as well. You can tell there’s a pleasant, comforting emotion behind the piece, and it’s the same for Amanda’s other works. She tells us more about her emotive works.
  • // The Fault in Our Stars
  • Amanda (A): I was literally in love when the movie came out, or I thought I was. This painting was done in 4 days, when I was really into the narrative concept of the movie. It was nice while it lasted.
  • // MRN.A
  • A: I was inspired by Marina’s colour scheme, unique visuals & lines which was one of the reasons why I decided to do an inspired piece for her, along with getting to know her as a small gift. It is lovely seeing so much talent and making friends with people of the same interest.
  • // Boy in Grey
  • A: It is actually a digital illustration of a model, Ton Heukels, photographed by Jeff Hahn which i was really inspired to do because I’ve developed an interest for body contours & shadows. This piece was fun.
  • // Girl in Blue
  • A: This was a sketch of a girl I saw on a trip to Bangkok one day. It was a day on the mountains and I remembered that she had a nice embellishment on her cheekbones which inspired me to draw her. At that time when I only had my blue colour pencil with me and I had to sharpen my pencil with a chopper. It was raw.
Read on for some facts about Amanda!

Averinewyou (Amanda Ong)

18 // Aquarius (I’m 20/01 so it’s actually both Aquarius & Capricorn but I usually just say Aquarius)

FUSSY //  I’m usually fussy about my eggs, how they are cooked. Most of the time I only need fried chicken because it is the mother of eggs. I wrote that while i was half awake hahaha. I’m fussy about my work, my ambition. I put in effort to improve all the time in my private & artistic life. Pretty fussy about the life I want, & what I’m doing about it.  Fussiness is a very important ingredient to the dish of success, which is why I think everyone ambitious should be FUSSY.

Ideal Career // I wanna be a princess but until I marry into a royal family, I’ll settle for a Creative Director/Graphic Designer.

Design // As a designer, I learn to get use to command + S. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK.

Design is usually a way for me to vent my frustrations or let cool some positive vibes while I’m actually feeling it. I am passionate about what I do, and I believe in practicing which perfects every thing, little by little as we go along. I was always skeptical about comments on my work which included anything related to me being blessed or gifted with the talent of being able to draw, just saying’

My artistic style is easily identified with accurate contours, rhythmic layout & delicate colours. I usually have a constantly evolving artistic style, my designs are attempts at reflecting what I appreciate, and subtle emotions within. Inspired by the works of fashion & illustrating influencers on and off, my works are acquired to versatility, & meaning to pop culture, applying resonation to people’s lives with a squeeze of lame references I enjoy entertaining myself with from time to time. I guess that’s it. When it comes to art, YOU JUST WING IT.


Fact // I am a curious one.

I enjoy listening to how others’ interpret their life stories and experiences, their skills, strengths and if they have knowledge of something that I would like to learn for myself. I love getting to know people. I really love & appreciate any form of genuine feedback, particularly if they think I’m doing or saying something wrong. Whether they are right or wrong I will learn from it & that would keep me growing as a person, which in rare cases if feedbacks are inaccurate I would tend to ignore it. While many people complain that they are always being criticized, I want the opposite. Shoot it.  Most of the time i rarely get the feedback I expect, which often pushes me to have higher expectations for myself, which then I would like to know what I’m doing right or wrong.

Message // As for me I’m still a growing designer, I would say that I’m still pretty damn raw & I don’t have much experience compared to the designers I look up to who carry a specific style or characteristic. I would say that it is never easy to be consistent from the start, it takes lots & lots of practice & commitment which I then realise what I want to do with life after school, because I’m happy doing what I do even when I have too much on hand. So please do not be demoralised by anyone at all, because hard work will bring you further. I promise you that.



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