Gabe Chen Ambivalence 1 Fussy Curator #fussysg


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Amongst the highly populated works, another work that stood out to us at DECK was one visual that was framed up. It was by Gabe Chen, a fashion photographer who presented Ambivalence. It is based on the Renaissance era, a period that we were also inspired by. Having had worked for a Publishing house ourselves, with photo shoots involved, we understood what went on behind the scenes. The casting of the model, picking the right hair and makeup artist, sourcing of apparels, lighting, venue, and even before then the conceptualization, it all had to be tied in together. It’s not all glamour, though it very much seems that way. Having seen this level of fashion photography on par to industry standards doesn’t happen very often. Thus we caught up with Gabe to find out more about his journey and Ambivalence.