Bomber Company Paracord Carabiner Bomber Keychain Black Fussy Singapore Specs #fussysg 2


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  • Bomber Carabiner Paracord Keychain

  • From the same guys over at Bomber Company where they have a Bomber Duffel Bag, they’ve released a Bomber Keychain!

  • Specifications

  • The bomber keychain measures at 14 centimetres, tied with a 1.5 metre long emergency paracord with 550 pounds of strength. It has a firestarter flint & steel rod attached on the front and a military-grade carabiner.
It comes in a sleek packaging with two different colours, Green and Black.
It’s going for ONLY $23.90 with FREE shipping! We’ve also brought in ONLY 25 of each colour so make sure to get yours before it runs out!

Green   |   Black



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