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Brick Lamp has been developed by the guys over at HCWD studio in the States.

With its minimalistic design focusing on concealing and revealing the moment of light, it does not have any wires, or any form of switch which makes it very portable.

Different finishes, concrete, wood and metal

Brick lamp comes in concrete, wood and metal. The wood version is made from an authentic single piece of wood lumber and makes it look that much cleaner without any unnecessary cut lines.

Turns on when raised on the sides

Brick lamp is turned on by raising it on its sides which stand at an angle and it’s offed when you lay it flat, facing down. Facing it up, would mean shining the light up. The angled sides naturally act as a handle for the lamp and as a directional flow for the light.


Brick lamp has an in-built lithium-ion battery and uses LED light. It’s battery life can last up to 5 hours. You are of course able to use it even if it’s plugged with a cord, or while charging. It measures 19cm (length) x 13.5cm (width) x 4.2cm (thickness).


Brick Lamp can be purchased from HCWD store and the price ranges from US $185 and above.


Image credits: HCWD Studio



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