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Never ever throw away your notebook from this day on!
Introducing you to your last notebook, handmade from the folks at Bull & Stash in Oregon, USA.

The one thing that grows better as it ages, leather. Marks and blemishes add to the character of your notebook. With it comes the experiences it has been through with you.
Made from thick oiled leather, every single book is handmade and embossed individually, installed with a metal hardware that allows you to unscrew easily with just your fingers and add more paper refills. Paper selection include lines, grids or blanks.

We got you covered in black as well!
  • The Stash measures 14cm by 22cm, Travel Stash at 8.5cm by 15cm and the Mini Stash at 6.5cm by 11.5cm. Each notebook comes with 30 pages.

    At the moment, we are only carrying Stash which is 14cm by 22cm, imprinted with FUSSY x Bull & Stash. Other sizes would come at a later date along with the refills. Limited stocks available.

    // Get your last notebook now at $99.90!

  • Want the smaller sizes? Leave us a message stating your desired notebook size and paper. We’ll inform you when stocks arrive!

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