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Most of us are working day jobs and pursuing our passion at night. Caleb Yeo is no exception. His illustrations remind us of events happening in the local context. His first series, Life of a Recruit speaks of what every Singaporean man goes through in National Service and the different phases just in Basic Military Training alone. His other series is of sketches inspired by the Japanese anime’s concept of Titans. He says it’s “like giants fighting right in our midst but invisible to the human eye. An amalgamation of various characters that I personally like”. Its also coupled with a local backdrop of HDB’s and rivers. Caleb tells us more.
Phase 1: Some significant events recruits face when enlisting into National Service in Singapore. Does the above look familiar?Caleb Yeo
  • // Life of a Recruit
  • Caleb (C): Life of a Recruit is a mini-series that relates to me very much because even after studying and working full time, compared to the previous phases of my life, this particular phase was rather memorable to me unlike any other. Most of all, NS is an important and iconic phase in (almost) all the lives of Singaporean families, as we are all directly or indirectly impacted by it in some way or another. This provided me with the inspiration to share the notion through 4 simplistic vector styled images.

  • // Phase 2
  • C: Can you still remember when all your hair was shaved off chunk by chunk? Well I still do, and I must say, having bald head is super convenient and cost saving, no longer needed any shampoo.
  • // Phase 3
  • C: First time in many of our lives that we actually cared about our “pink” IC. How I waited to get rid of the green version but boy did it give me crazy loads of discounts and offers!
  • // Phase 4
  • C:POP LOH!”
I try to recreate the chaos and excitement that goes through my head whenever I’m watching a movie/anime, or reading a comic and recreate scenes to materialize my imagination.Caleb Yeo
  • // Cyclops vs Darth Vader
  • C: Cyclops vs Darth Vader. Who will win? Always wanted to pit characters from across different stories and shows. What better way to do it than doing it myself? Who do you think should win? Mega optic blast vs force lightning.
  • // Ryu vs Goku
  • C: Boom Boom Pow. Ryu from Street Fighter vs Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Who do you think will win this fight? Photo taken at Serangoon River (+65). Did you know we have another river?
  • // Plants vs Timbersaw
  • C: Not enough Plants vs Zombies? How about Plants vs Goblins in Machines. Timbersaw the shredder. Dota 2. Who are you rooting for if Timbersaw fights Poison Ivy? Location @ somewhere along Caldecott Circle line station.
Read on for some facts about him!

Caleb Yeo

24 // Taurus

WordPress   //   Email   // Instagram

FUSSY // I’m sort of a perfectionist and thus stray lines/strokes bother me a lot more than it should.

Ideal Career // To design and illustrate for clients commercially and retail alike full time, as I enjoy both the creation process as well as getting to know the clients personally.

Design // When I was a kid, I used to make my Lego figurines look like those cartoon characters on tv and made them have epic battles that took place whilst I day dreamed. Then I began doodling as an outlet where my endless energy could be directed to. I want to share this energy with everyone and that they too can direct their energy into what they love and have the passion for whatever it may be.

Fact // Curious and constantly having to be doing something thus having illustration as my long time passion enables me to constantly keep myself entertained and hopefully my audience.

Message // Doesn’t matter if you have the background or not, because as long as you have the passion for something the resources are more often within reach and start small. Don’t wait, just start!



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