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Catherine Ramos’ Daily Grind: Everyday Colour reminded us that pictures are meant to capture a moment – that particular moment where you spot something worth capturing. Some of us would usually move away from that very spot, in hopes of capturing a better composition. Her shots bring us through the view of hers. Her very eyes and not that of the surroundings. That of a story, an experience that we can almost immediately feel and not take a second to absorb what’s going on in the shot. We see ourselves being there at that spot where she was. We’re not saying editorial shots are not our thing but these shots were refreshing, steering away from typical ones where composition and digitally manipulated shots are generally more receptive. Catherine shows us more from her daily grind.
  • // The Beauty in Ordinary
  • Catherine (C): I try to capture the beauty in simple things that people categorize as typical. Like the things we see on the streets, that sunset, the shadow that formed on a concrete wall. Anything that catches my attention, actually.

    And I guess, I always aim to see the extra in the ordinary. 🙂  I also try to capture the beauty of the ordinary when I travel to different places.

“We tend to overlook the beauty of our relationship with the world where we live in.”Catherine Ramos
Read on for some facts about Catherine!

Catherine Ramos

22 // Pisces

FUSSY // Aside from being fussy about how my coffee should be prepared(hahahaha ~always iced~) I’m fussy about the post-processing of my photos. It’s like 90% of my  time is spent on choosing the VSCO filter that I think would go best with the photo. 

Ideal Career // I’ve been daydreaming of being a barista in my own coffee shop hahaha. Though, right now I work as a Business Analyst at a bank which for me isn’t a bad career, at all. 

Creative Approach // I think I’m more of the spontaneous type. If it catches your attention,shoot it.

Fact // I’m a coffee and tea addict hahaha

Message // A lot of us have been living routined lives and because of this we tend to overlook the beauty of the moment.. to see the beauty of our relationship with the world where we live in. Through my photos, I just want to help people appreciate more of their daily lives.



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