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David Ling of Chamber Decals has been around for over 10 years! Many might think decals are just decals, but the work that goes behind it is the same as any creative project – from draft to process to final artwork. Did you also know it’s a better option than wallpapers? David shares with us why, as well as how his friend got him started in this, resulting in numerous projects for Chamber Decals!

  • // Hi David, tell us your story.
  • D: I am David Ling, a Singaporean illustrator with an eye for innovation and perfection for cuteness. I love anime and cartoons, from Lao Fu Tze and Ninja Turtles when I was young to Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Stephen Chow and Pixar movies. I have a terrible weakness for sweet things (and durians), except soft drinks.

    My greatest expertise revolves in a world of characters. I combine my love for animals and my talent in illustrating cute designs along with my experience in printing decals; to deliver the best creative input to my clients and fans. I started with pasting designs on vehicles and a friend asked if these decals could go on walls. (Hmmm…why not?) That’s how it all started on – having the decals on non-moving stuff like walls, tables, cups, laptops etc.

  • // Panda Art Illusions
  • D: The first inspiration was an image of the branches of a tree, that forms the shape of a panda and that was how my first design “Panda Art Illusions” was born. It was a hit with great popularity on etsy as it allows you to arrange the shapes creatively. I work with my brother as a full-time decal designer for cars and motorcycles and with my brother’s and sister’s support, Chamber Decals is born out of passion and thirst for new decal (aka sticker) designs. I create and design our own decals. Now with more than 100 uniquely designed decals, I still create new designs weekly. In addition, I curate designs from all over the world, selecting quality works from international illustrators to be placed on my website to share our passion for illustrations and design which you can enjoy at home with us.

  • // What are some of the works you’ve done?
  • D: One of our latest work is of a huge zebra on a wall cabinet. The client just moved to a new house and wanted to spice up his wall cabinet. While doing his research online, he found us and requested to do a mock up. After his approval of the mock up we started getting the correct measurements and production, then we went down to his home to paste it. We found out he’s the owner of Wangz Hotel, which I also did a lift decal for his hotel too.
  • // Decals for Dream Lodge
  • D: We did decals for the entire backpackers’ lodge – Dream Lodge. All decals are custom made giving life to plain walls and interesting photo opportunities for their guests. It’s mostly made from scratch with research, ranging from very small reminder decals to very big decorative ones. We sat down with the owners listening to what they want and ideas they have, then returning back to our workspace to propose and draft all ideas from the client and us. Then it’s back to discussing which is a better fit, before final execution.
  • // Decals for I-Theatre
  • D: In 2011 when Page One is still in Vivo City, I-Theatre approached us to do promotional decals for their new drama called Rainbow Fish in Page One children’s section. We did a 2.5m x 2m glass decal facing Sentosa, when the sun shines onto the glass, the color of the decals get reflected into the children section of the bookshop’s.

  • // What is Chamber Artist about?
  • D: We are selective with our artists, ensuring that the designs are unique and creative, which is what Chamber Decals is all about. We engage artists from all over the world with great creativity and illustration skills to join us and we’ll make decals from their illustrations.

    Roseycheekes and Ima is from Canada, Daphne is from London, Desiree is from France, Elisa is from Greece and Daling is from Singapore.

    Quite a few of them were approached through Etsy after seeing works from their shop. We approach these artists, asking them if they’re interested in expanding their exposure to wall decals using the same artwork they have created. All they had to do was to send us their artwork and we’ll do the rest. From listing them up on our website and Etsy, engaging with potential customers, printing, cutting, packaging, shipping and post sales services, while promoting the artists’ profiles and details too.

  • // What do you want readers to takeaway from your story?
  • D: Wall decals have been around for many years and it’s more popular overseas than in Singapore homes. They are more commonly used in shops and offices for promotional or decorative purposes locally. Many Singaporeans perceive wall decals as wallpapers and are not aware that wallpapers are actually used to change the whole look of a wall. Also, it’s permanent. However, wall decals could be smaller pieces of stickers to decorate your wall with, and it’s easily removable. That doesn’t mean it’s not long lasting, as our decals are weather and UV proof, even printed ones are printed using eco-solvent ink. Their weatherproof durability is up to six years for outdoor usage and even longer for indoors. Decals are not just for walls, it fits on glass, laptops, mobile phones, cars and almost any type of surfaces except for leather or cloth materials.

    If you have just moved, renovating, buying a new home or even if you’re expecting a new baby, visit our Chamber Decals website to breathe life and add colours to your plain wall now.

Read on for some facts about David!

David Ling

35.5 not 36 yet 😛 // Fair with good balance and harmonious, the lucky 7 of the horoscope : Libra.

Ideal Career // Doing any design I like. Going to exhibitions, museums and the library (online too) to find inspirations. Best if it’s at my own pace… sounds like what I’ve been doing all these years~

Creative Approach // Every design needs to be unique. Even if it’s a common design, it needs to be different in one way or another. There are many decal shops out there, if Chamber Decals doesn’t produce unique designs, what’s the difference between them and me? I need to be versatile, welcoming custom designs, getting the requested colour right, even if it’s not in our colour chart and of course connecting with the customer and executing the design, close to what they have imagined them to be.

Fact // I can do almost any decal design you can imagine, with the correct communications and references.

Message // Work can be fun, work can be a hassle. It’s just a matter of how you think.

FUSSY // The outcome of the design must be appealing to myself. I must like what I design before I deliver it to the customer.



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