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Clarence Wee of Craft Varies, has been practicing the art of Calligraphy ever since he graduated from Temasek Polytechnic’s Communication Design. With 7-8 years of expertise under his belt, its no wonder luxury brands have approached him to deliver calligraphic messages live, in front of their patrons. His clientele boasts of brands like Burberry, Guerlain, Panerai and Louis Vuitton. We caught up with him to find out more about his craft and workshops.

  • How did your interest in Calligraphy first begin?

  • Clarence (C): My interest from Poly has always been in Typography or more towards understanding letter forms. So to help me better understand letter forms, I thought what better way then to pick up calligraphy, which is the most basic fundamentals of letters written by hand.

  • Was there a defining moment that made you realize this was what you want to do?

  • C: There wasn’t really a defining moment.. I think it was (is) more of a journey.

  • When it comes to it, do you already know how it looks like (in your head) before it’s on paper?

  • C: Usually before executing, I would have a rough idea of what the client wants or something I propose. If it’s an existing hand, I’ll have the hand in my head already. If it’s a new style the client wants that I’m creating, I’ll then execute samples for myself and for the clients. So that it becomes a “complete” new style.

  • Are there any difficulties you face while practicing calligraphy/sign painting?

  • C: There are definitely difficulties for both practices. I guess it’s always finding the time to sit down and practice. Setting time aside to practice will always help you explore new lettering possibilities or improve on what you’re lacking in.

  • Tell us a bit about the workshops you conduct?

  • C: Currently I hold 2 types of workshop, with another 2 for the month of January. (To note, workshops will only be conducted when there’s a minimum of 5 sign ups.)
  • The Pointed Pen for Copperplate

    The pointed pen is a 4x2hrs session spread over a period of 1 month, held every Sat. My lessons are structured as such to allow students to return home, practice and come back for reviews.

  • The Brush for Brush Calligraphy

    The brush is a 1x3hrs session usually held on a weekend. In the 3hrs, students will learn basic stokes to create script letters.

  • Lettering Fun: Brush (7th / 14th January 2017)

    For Brush, the students are taught the elegant way to execute the word “Love”. They will get the opportunity to study the basic strokes and principles of space and flourishing as well. The lesson is ideal for beginners who have not tried calligraphy and calligraphy students who have learnt calligraphy and would love to improve or seek a new style.

  • For Texture, the students are taught how to create an artwork on a tote bag. They will get the opportunity to experiment with shapes and designs to help express themselves through their artwork. Through this practice, they will get an opportunity to learn and understand letterforms in a positive and negative space.

  • Takeaway message for readers?

  • C: Don’t think, just do.
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Clarence Wee

28 // Leo

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Ideal Career // Nil (Just something I enjoy.)

Creative Approach // Do first, think later.

Fact // Come know me to know me.

FUSSY // Specific cleanliness.

Cover Image: Stefanie Djie

Images: Craft Varies



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