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Coil is everything we’ve always wanted for, for iced coffee. We’ve always wanted cold coffee but not if the coffee becomes diluted due to the ice melting.

Coil allows you to pour freshly made hot coffee into it and in under 4 minutes, you get cold coffee while preserving the taste of the coffee.

(Yes 4 minutes, so coffee enthusiasts/baristas can stop thinking cold brew methods do the trick. Cause that takes 12 hours! We’re in no way saying Coil replaces the method of cold brews or cold press or cold brewed coffee for that matter.)

Coil is made up of 3 pieces. A bottom container with a spout which will store your coffee when it comes out. (The spout allows for easier pouring of the coffee into a cup.) The middle container stores a 9 feet coil with copper tubing. And a lid.

All you need to do is add ice into the middle container, close the lid, and pour your freshly made coffee on the lid. Your hot coffee will filter down from the lid into the coil making its rounds until the end. By then, it will be cooled and it will drip into the bottom container.


To enjoy your fresh iced coffee now, Coil can be purchased from Misc Goods Co.

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