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Colour blindness affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. That’s nearly 300 million people in the world! To them, the image of the leaves do not appear in the colours green to yellow to red to brown.

They appear just green or red. Not, green to red.

Colour blindness (also known as red-green colour blindness or colour vision deficiency) is the spectral overlap of the red and green spectrum, which results in a duller vision. It’s something most of us take very lightly but to the many who are affected, they feel shortchanged. They learnt to live with it but knew that they never saw the world the way others saw it.

Enchroma though, has recently released a set of glasses which aids people with red-green colour blindness. These set of glasses from Enchroma, specifically lenses, help filter the spectral overlap between the two colours thus improving the separation of the spectrum signals. (The whole science explanation can be found at their site.) For those who have colour vision deficiency, you can take a test and see if their product works for you here. The glasses are priced at US$ 325 – US$ 450.


There are tonnes of products in the world that are similar to Enchroma which address issues and improve lives. Don’t worry. We’ll be here to tell you every single one of them.



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