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We have Alvin Chan the maker of Concrete Everything. With a background in Architecture and Industrial design, Alvin and his partner Vanessa started crafting unique pieces with concrete. They have since explored with integrating other materials as well but we’re still intrigued by their earliest piece, Miss Moony. Their passion has pushed them to do this on the sides apart from their full time job. We know exactly how tough that must be that’s why we’re featuring not only what they stand for, but also their craft and perseverance to do what they are truly passionate about. (Image of Alvin: 7BraidStrong)
I run a humble ‘business’ called Concrete Everything, where we dabble in various natural materials to create bespoke homeware pieces. As our name suggests, we begun with cement and have progressed to other materials like copper, wood and stones.Alvin
  • // Concrete Everything and their workshops
  • Alvin (A): We hope to build our business to groom young Singaporean designers and market Singapore to the rest of the world.

    We are just reaching our one year birthday this October and we hope to get the support of fellow Singaporeans who appreciate good design. We are available at our partner retail stores and our online shop.

    We also started workshops a few months back. This approach was in line with the trend that people want to experience a process instead of just buying it off the shelf. We felt that this strongly resonated with us and we are having Concrete Experience Workshops at a couple of places.

  • // Miss Eclipse
  • A: Miss Eclipse is our largest lamp to date. I wanted to try out a nice rounded Bonsai lamp with our signature Manzanita desert branch to create a lamp. It was a fluke. I made the base a little too big for the branch where it looked heavy at the bottom and out of proportion. Thinking that it’s already so fat, I went all the way and gave it a ginormous bulb. So Miss Eclipse was created. With the name coming from the 3 overlapping circles you’ll find from the top view, each a different key element of the lamp.
  • // Miss Moony
  • A: Miss Moony is the ‘oldest’ of the 3 featured today. She was one of our early creations. Rummaging through my mom’s kitchen ware, I found some containers (those for ‘tau huay’ aka soy bean curd) and another that is similar to those of fried rice boxes. Placing one inside another, I got my mould. I then poured concrete and there you have it, a piping hot Miss Moony! The name stemming from the nice orange hues reflected on the concrete when the lamp is on. If you search on Pinterest for concrete lamps you’ll find Miss Moony listed right on top! It was well liked by not just Singaporeans but people all over the world.
  • // Miss Geometric
  • A: You’d probably never guess how I got the shape of Miss Geometric. She was actually made from the mould of a watering spray bottle found at Daiso. We were exploring different forms and Daiso being the default go to for cheap stuff, we found our Miss Geometric mould. We sawed it in half and casted it. Everyone loved its geometric form and faceted look. She’s a perfect bedside lamp and we’ve done it in pink too!
See more of their works at or read more facts about Alvin!

Alvin Chan

29 // Gemini

Ideal Career // I am living my ideal career in Concrete Everything, just that I get paid nuts for it. Good thing I get to be a lot of things, I am a packer, entrepreneur, boss, engineer, product designer, graphic designer, social media expert, trainer, writer, photographer, etc etc…. you get the point.

Design // If you only had 1 year to live, how would you live it?

Fact // I enjoy failing. It’s never a loss to fail, sure your ego gets hit but you take away so many lessons and experiences.

Message // I hope there will be more Singaporeans that dare to chase their dreams SMARTLY. Often I find it’s always either you chase a dream (jobless and rely on parents for a living) or you sit behind a desk (and wonder why your life is boring). For me, I found a balance between having a full time job and chasing my dreams and both meets different needs.

Besides having a business (that I hope readers will support! Thanks) I hope we can inspire others to dare to take the first step. It’s a lot of hard work (imagine working and coming home to a 2nd job) and to see people appreciating you, others featuring you, it’s really fulfilling that what you’ve done helped someone to appreciate design and life. So yea as Nike puts it so well, JUST DO IT!



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