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  • // Talk with Dario (Part One)
  • There are many furniture design companies in the world. But when we first saw Dario Reicherl at Singapore Indesign 2015 during the BIZLIFE segment, we knew we wanted to learn more. He generously agreed for a meet up recently and we gathered a lot about him and his company, Republic of Fritz Hansen, which we will be talking about over the next few days.
  • // Who is Fritz Hansen?
  • Fritz Hansen was a Danish carpenter who began collaborating with designer Arne Jacobsen in the 30s. Together, they created classic icons of Danish design in the 50s – the Ant (1952), the Series 7 (1955), the Grand Prix (1957), the Swan (1958) and the Egg (1958). The Danish furniture design company, now called Republic of Fritz Hansen, has always had the philosophy of creating timeless furniture pieces. A good example would be the Egg chair, which still looks relevant in today’s context even after 60 years when it was first introduced in 1958.
  • // Focus on development
  • Instead of maximizing their efforts in creating new designs, they spend more time focusing on the development of the design. For example, their Series 7. Although it was first made in 1955, they kept it interesting even up till now with their heavy involvement in research and development. They worked with Tal R, an artist internationally known for his sense of colour, and the results are breathtaking.
  • // Quality over quantity
  • It’s brands like this who stand for their craft and expertise before monetary means that we really support and respect. Even at yearly events, whereby industrial and furniture design companies would showcase their latest products, many would have a variety but not for Fritz Hansen. They would showcase just one new product or a new colour of an existing design. It’s not just a new colour, but one that has gone through 3 years of research and development. Yes, 3 years just for the colour.
  • // Are consumers appreciative?
  • There’s so much more than the colour that they have researched and developed heavily on. Many consumers fail to realize the craft and techniques behind Fritz Hansen’s expertise in furniture design and have resorted to buying fakes of their designs and of established design companies. Reason being consumers are unaware of companies who supply fakes, and just don’t see any harm in paying lesser for the same design. That mindset needs to change. Here’s the “Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Fakes“.



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