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As designers ourselves here at FUSSY, we understand how it’s like getting our name out there, whether it’s for freelance opportunities or career prospects. Or even if it’s just to show people what we can do, what we are. We’re all unique, we all have our own style, and we all have a voice, an opinion that we want to be made known.


We’ve seen friends who have moved on from doing what they initially planned on pursuing due to living expenses, bills and other commitments. Moving on to higher paying jobs albeit different from what they truly want to be doing. We too got caught up living lives which paid the bills and thought that would suffice. But it wasn’t enough for us.

We need a platform in Singapore dedicated to DESIGN. Not just graphic or interior or fashion but ALL aspects of design, and the other likes of a creative.
  • // There’s a story.
  • The problem, the design thinking process, the end result. There’s a story to be told, to be shared. Stories which will inspire and educate one another. To give emphasis to design in Singapore, as well as to engage the community with sharing of feedbacks and with consumers on what can be improved, what is well received.


    Passion in the creative scene can only go so far. If that passion is not shared or made known, no one will know about you, let alone the unique voice and story only you will have.

  • // Join us on this journey.
  • We’ll be rolling out features starting from October and hope you’ll be a part of this journey with us on giving recognition to the creative community with an emphasis on local ones. Being FUSSY, we’re very interested in uniqueness, purpose, and the process.


    If you’re interested in getting your name out there, we welcome all creative forms be it Fashion, Product, Interior, Interactive Media, Graphic, Architecture, Literary Articles, Independent Brands/Labels, Photography or Others. We’re also opening our store to anyone who is interested in selling their stuff with us.


    What we need from you,

    Full Name


    Website or Social Media links

    Title of design/article/label

    Description in not more than 1000 words

    Zipped High Res JPG images


    Send the above to [email protected] and we’ll be in contact with you thereafter. If however, you know of someone, let us know in the form below and we’ll contact them.

    Informing of Brands or Products

    Main Image: Alex Wong



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