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Emile Dumont is a lecturer at LASALLE as well as the founder of Creative Fitness SG. Catered more for the performing arts, he conducts classes for individuals who want to explore and increase their freedom of expression. Appreciation for the performing arts have gradually been increasing but the amount of work that goes behind putting up a performance often goes unrecognized, let alone the work that takes to groom the performers. We found out more about Emile and the classes he conducts for these performers.
  • // Emile Dumont
  • Emile (E): I’m a recent graduate from ECU Perth in Exercise & Sports Science, with a keen interest in bringing together the performing arts. I’ve been working to unite both the arts and sciences into one, in order to be able to continually help actors constantly improve in whichever areas are needed.
  • // LASALLE Lecturer
  • E: Currently into my second year of lecturing at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore with Musical Theatre running cardio classes, as well as lecturing with Diploma – Music for performance communication. Working on pre-preparation methods, verbal and non-verbal communication, and many more areas. Also continually researching for ways of bringing out better acting through understanding one’s body.
Creative Fitness SG is a company that looks into bringing together scientific and artistic aspects of performing arts. With a keen eye on details, we are able to analyze and create programs for specific purposes.Emile Dumont
  • E: We work on 4 specific areas.

    1) Fitness incorporated with performing art techniques,

    2) Experimental theatre workshops,

    3) Specific training programs for dance/theatre companies,

    4) Inviting external fine arts artists to run workshops.

  • // Art of Movement Workshops
  • E: Our main focus lies in the Art of Movement and Communication. For the Art of Movement workshops, we look into understanding our bodies with biomechanics, physiology and psychology, while also touching and working on injury prevention and postural correction that can result in chronic issues. In the second part of Art of Movement, we look into the artistic movements, providing tools for the creation of movements and how the use of certain mediums would be better for us to be able to create these movements.
  • // Physical and Spatial Communication
  • E: For communication, we look at it from a different point of view, with a more physical and spatial communication. Looking into the non-verbal communication with others and to audiences, while understanding body language, gestures and facial expressions as key importance to one another.
Read on for some facts about Emile!

Emile Dumont

27 // Scorpio

Website // Facebook // Instagram

FUSSY // Enjoy, be passionate and have fun in what you do!

Ideal Career // Would probably be it! Definitely!

Creative Approach // Never to compare with other Artists and believe in the endless possibilities of the unconscious. Ideas were meant to be shared.

Fact // I’m one person that is definitely always open to collaborative work with anyone even if it may be from different backgrounds or disciplines. There is always  one way or another to create for something that does not or has not been done. Creating more avenues for creation and showcasing talents from various disciplines. An advocate for inclusiveness and working towards that goal.

Message // Do not be swayed by societies requirements but be motivated to create even more. Find a reason to create for the betterment and improvement of community and anyone involved.



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