FEIT new york hand made vegetable tanned leather natural horizontal wallet The Fussy Curator Singapore #fussysg


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  • FEIT hand made vegetable tanned leather natural horizontal wallet The Fussy Curator Singapore #fussysg
  • FEIT. We’ve seen our fair share of leather artisans and they are ones which we swear by. A New York based company founded by Australian brothers Tull & Josh Price in 2005, with their products made in Italy.

    As minimal neoluxury footwear and accessory artisans, FEIT uses only the highest quality natural materials. The leathers used for their products are sourced from Italian tanneries and made mostly from vegetable tanned leather which does not retain sweat or odour.

    (Image Credits: FEIT)

FEIT products are handmade, thus stocks are limited. The original colour of the natural horizontal wallet boasts its appeal of a clean minimalistic matte finish. Initially, only 20 of these were made. They’ve since produced yet another limited run! Get your Horizontal Wallet (Natural) now!  When it has aged for 2 years, the richness of the leather shows. Some even call the growing of leather patina a highly involved art. This particular horizontal wallet (below) was purchased in 2013 by our Curator, and aged naturally upon use. Priced at US$160, it has not disappointed him since then. Its durability, design and quality has definitely earned our FUSSY loyalty. 
It’s moulded by hand from a single piece of vegetable dyed calfskin leather with zero stitches. The leather is moistened for flexibility and slowly wrapped around a piece of wood for the pouch-like shape. A technique done for generations in a Florentine family run atelier. It’s a process which is very intensive and slow.

They also have a footwear collection available for both men and women. With each and every one hand sewn as well, you can expect the same quality and durability as their accessories if not better.

Read more about FEIT here. We’ll also be posting up an interview with FEIT’s founders tomorrow so do keep a lookout!



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