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Flats Become Flat by Doreen Lau emphasizes on the characteristics of flats. We’ve seen architectural icons being portrayed the same way but never in our local context of high-rise buildings. They might seem to be nothing more than monotonously repetitive blocks but not to Doreen. Showing a balance between her studies of Interior Design and her interest in Graphic Design, she created two dimensional vectors for the different flats in Singapore. We like how she sees them as people, having their own colour and personality. She also takes it a step further and offers the print version of it where you can fold and have it look like a building block.

Instagram Images // @dreelly.s

HDBs in Singapore are like a canvas for different creative personas. They are distinct and diverse landmarks that evoke one’s creativity and imagination. Doreen
Doreen: Workers paint them in a variety of colours, architects and designers design a range of forms and interior layouts, authorities put up different accessories to beautify the blocks during special occasions, and photographers capture them from different views and angles into pleasing visuals. Due to land limitation, people live vertically into the sky rather than horizontally across the land. It brings us together as one nation with everyone living under the same roof. It explains why I am immensely intrigued, just by looking at the HDBs and created them into visual graphics.

(She’s also selling these prints so if you’re interested to buy, do visit her shop.)

See more of her works at or read on for some facts about Doreen!

Doreen Lau

21 // Taurus-Gemini

Ideal Career // To venture and be professionally trained in graphic design or photography as that’s what I’ve always wanted in the design community, apart from interior design; a balance of both aspects.

Design // I don’t really have a specific design approach and to explain one, I just do whatever I think helps practically and is visually satisfying! I am quite indecisive because I consider a lot. I will keep my layout usually neat and simplified (a bit of OCD) so that the focus is on my design.

Fact // I am a trained interior designer (currently still studying in my uni final year), but I am secretly interested in the visual graphics side (like photography, branding, print layout etc.) Therefore, I hope to venture into both aspects of design in the future.

Message // Design is more than what you see. It is about the process, the thoughts, the feel and the unity. Just like baking, the measurement of ingredients, the creativity, the taste and the presentation comes together to satisfy more than what you see.



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