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FOJO has created a kit for photography enthusiasts who’ve always wanted their very own dark room. You can now develop photos right in the comfort of your own room at a very affordable rate.


FOJO’s luxury kit contains,

1) Enfojer enlarger

2) Seagull 75mm F3.5 lens

3) LED safelight

4) 4 trays and 4 tongs for chemical development

5) 25 sheets of Fojographic multigrade b/w paper

6) 1 dcl of both fixer and developer


Project an image from your smartphone

FOJO supports both negatives (films) and your smartphone to project an image onto the paper. Traditionally it was just negatives but the folks at FOJO have made it compatible with iOS, Android and WinMo devices as well. The whole process thereafter, is exactly the same as traditionally processing photos. Having your paper in the developer, stop and fixer baths. Thereafter, washing the agents (processing liquids) off and drying your image. 


Darkroom with LED safelight

Yup, they even provide you with the LED safelight! For those unfamiliar with processing photos, the paper in which you process them on has to be in complete darkness so that it isn’t exposed to any light. LED safelight provides you with ample lighting in your dark room without damaging your paper.

The fun of processing images

It’s quite addictive to process photographs. Choosing and projecting an image, controlling how it turns out, the exposure, etc. It’s lacking in the mass today with the existence of smartphones. Processing a photograph is a must at least once in your life.

FOJO is at a 20% off now
 as its still in its pre-order phase. RRP, US$ 339.90, but only at $269.90 now and it comes with a free 5-year extended warranty! (Offer valid for purchases made before June 1st 2015)

Update: Sadly, they have discontinued this product.
Image credits: FOJO



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    Any latest model mobile dark room brochure? If not, this set still available? How about self develop of bw negative accessories? Thank you.

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