How exactly does this work?

Step 1

Once we have reviewed your application, we’ll send you an email and you can start uploading!

Step 2

Start uploading

Head over to “Freelancer Dashboard” and go to Products. You’ll be able to start uploading anything from services to products or stock images/videos.

Step 3

Wait for an order

Get ready to deliver your item! You’ll receive an email when an order comes in. If it’s a design service or if the customer has more questions, they will be able to message you directly, so do keep a lookout on your Messages.

Step 4

Complete the order

When you’ve completed an order, the customer’s payment will be sent to your bank account! Both you and the customer will be able to rate the experience you’ve had with each other.

Q & A

Sell your design services, products you may have made or stock images you have lying around! There’s really no threshold as to what you can or cannot sell, as long as it’s what you can offer!
It depends on yourself! The more active you are here, as well as promoting your services, the more you make!
It’s FREE to join us as a Freelancer. It’s also FREE to list your services/products here. You’ll be able to keep more than 90% of each transaction!
Do make sure you look around existing price points in Singapore. Ideally, we’re targeting mid ranged services and products for both freelancers and employers.
You’ll get paid once you complete a buyer’s order! The money will be transferred to your bank account.

Design Related Services

All things creative! Eg, Graphic Design, Branding, Illustrations, Photography, Film, Copywriting.

Industrial and Artisanal Products

Products which are well thought out, designed with a purpose and made with passion.

Stock Images and Videos

Stock library of Singapore’s people, culture, food, street and cityscape.

Upload your services and products!

Start Selling