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We’ve been quiet for a while..

..and that’s because we were upgrading our site! We’ve been doing a quick check on where we’re headed and today, we’re happy to announce our shift towards becoming Singapore’s Creative Marketplace!


That means Creatives like yourself, will be able to set up an account with us and sell your products or services! Whether it’s a handmade product, a creative workshop, or your freelance services. It’s not just for design!

We’re still in our early stages where we’re gathering Creatives to list their services or products before we fully launch our marketing campaigns. For those who have expressed interest and of whom we’ve personally emailed, we hope you’ll upload your products and services soon! For the ones who are still hesitant, it’d be very smart of you to join us now!

Why this shift?

We’ve realized that creatives have skills, products and stories to be heard, to be shared. These need to be shared and then consumed by the public. We were doing just that previously, sharing stories of local creatives etc. But it’s not enough. What makes it harder is that the shift of consumer behaviour and attention is now at a point where attention spans are very short. If yours doesn’t click with them in an instant, the amount of attention paid to your hours or month long project is a complete zero.

Therefore, we believe the future of creativity lies in the hands of the people(creatives). By not waiting aimlessly for someone to appreciate what you do. By being in tune with the demands of consumer behaviour. By creating a demand for your skills. By offering your skills and services that will help consumers. That is how you can thrive, and believe FUSSY, when we promise we’ll help you do just that.

Sign up and list your products today with FREE Feature Spaces!*

* At any point in time, there will only be 5 featured products. Thus, your items will stay Featured until other sellers upload their items. This is valid before 1 January 2017, so be sure to upload yours now!



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