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Clarence Sim highlights his views on gender oppression and how one is stereotyped into the gender he or she was born in, with regards to behaviour, mannerism and appearance. We like how strong and visually appealing his graphics are. Especially since its ambiguity also appears androgynous, in line with his concept. There’s an interactive visual installation he produced as well if you’re interested to see how he integrates it with projection mapping.
“In today’s world, the vicious forces of capitalist predatory influence of mass media, assault the gender notion of children where they are usually marginalized and manipulated.”Clarence
  • // Gender oppression
  • Clarence (C): As a designer, the social issues have always intrigued me in our increasingly turbulent world. Gender has (and always has) been subjected to intense scrutiny from society. ‘What it is to be a man or woman.’ It is not as simple as being defined by our genitals. We have to act like one, as if doing a performance on stage. Our roles have been defined the moment our gender has been given to us. We think we’re in control. But we’re wrong.
  • // Consequences
  • C: Sometimes we forget that, because we live in a world where the media pulls us from the womb, nurses us, and teaches us our first words – skinny, pretty, girls, soft, quiet, muscles, breasts etc..


    The consequences of these are huge and detrimental. What my artworks hope to achieve, is to interrogate the public’s commitment to the notion of gender oppression. As unknowingly we are contributing to this tyranny that would divide us into armed camps.


    It is not ‘men vs women’, but achieving what every human should be treated as, irregardless of gender, race, language or religion.

See more of his works at or read on for some facts about Clarence!

Clarence Sim

26 // Scorpio

Project Gender F*ck // Portfolio SYJC89 // Facebook syjcdesign

Ideal Career // To be a professional soccer player! Soccer is an art form itself, an arena where creativity blossoms and you have the freedom to express yourself. But it is just a hobby for me now.

Design // Personally I am a minimalist freak, I like to subtract elements to their simplest form and negative space is my home.

Fact // A good listener

Message // It’s not about how many successes you’ve achieved. It’s about how many failures you had and keep moving forward. This is how winning is done. Through pain, hardship and the motivation to carry on in the face of adversity.



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