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The Girl With A Radio Mind is none other than Lynn. She works as a creative head and expresses herself further by playing around with the Bohemian art. The array of colours and intricate patterns are hand sewn on various products like pillows, waist pouches and passport wallets. Already with over 2,000 admirers with a 5 star rating on her Etsy store, you can be assured about the quality of her products. We also caught up with her and spoke to her a bit more about what she does.
  • // Hi Lynn, tell us a bit about yourself & Girl With A Radio Mind.
  • L: I am a print designer by profession and my first love has always been print and paper. I like to create something and be able to touch it with my hands. Girl With A Radio Mind was created out of spontaneity 6 years ago, so that I will have a personal space to play and create things with my hands. It’s to also explore using another media – fabrics, which I was curious and keen about.

  • L: When I am not playing with fabrics or sewing, I work as a creative head in a cosy graphic studio with great folks who make me laugh everyday. I also find joy playing the African drums with a community I like to call my djembe family.

  • // What about the Bohemian style intrigues you?
  • L: I love experimenting with colours and textures and the idea of playing with those richness excites me everyday. When I let my mind run freely to create something instinctively, somehow that’s the genre I feel closest to and it clicked very naturally… like home. I think everyone has their own unique strength & element and maybe this is mine. There is no particular reason or, maybe this is the reason. 🙂

  • // Share with us some of your works?
  • L: My current favourite thing to make is the pillow. Each time, the outcome is different. Each time, I enjoy. I make pillows in other sizes too but the regular ones I make are in squares.
It is interesting to see what i can sew within the same basic square dimension every time, and think of the limitless possibilities within a limit.Girl With A Radio Mind

  • L: Some of my other favourite works are the customised waist bags and passport purses. I see the process of putting colours and textures together like fitting pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and don’t like to rush through it. I enjoy the journeys to completion tremendously, it’s therapeutic.

  • // Takeaway message for readers?
  • L: I hope my colours make you smile. If not, make you wanna dance some crazy, happy dance. Welcome to my playground anytime. ♥
Read on for some facts about Lynn, the Girl With A Radio Mind!


36 // Gemini

Ideal Career // Anything I can’t wait to wake up to every day.

Creative Approach // Less is more but sometimes, more can be beautiful too. It is all about balance.

Fact // I’m not good with words so let me speak with my work. 🙂

Message // Follow the rhythm in your life, be thankful and life will unfold by itself. Enjoy your ride!

FUSSY // I’m not really fussy. I prefer funny!



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