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“I’m Jun Yi from Singapore, my friends call me JY since it’s easier for everyone. I’m 15 and currently studying in Saint Joseph’s International. I took pictures with an iPod touch when I was 12 but never bothered to post any of them online. One day, I came across this community on Instagram that took pictures and stuff and I thought it was really sick. Since my dad already collects cameras, I took one of his old Canon Eos 500D and started taking pictures with my friends that I usually hang out with. I started using VSCOcam to edit my pictures but after awhile i switched to Lightroom as you can do much more on it. One thing I would still like to do is to meet more people in the Instagram community.” (Portrait shot by Chaz.co)
  • This (picture above) was the shot that made us interested to feature JY. The composition and story of this image alone tells a lot. Not to mention the light and dark contrast on both the background and boy is well balanced too. Do be reminded that the following images you’re about to see, were shot by a 15 year old.
  • Jun Yi Photography #fussysg FUSSY Singapore 8559
  • Now, I use a Sony Alpha 7R, with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I take mostly landscape, architecture and sometimes portraits.Goh Jun Yi
  • Jun Yi Photography #fussysg FUSSY Singapore 8546
  • Jun Yi Photography #fussysg FUSSY Singapore 8529
Read on for some facts about Jun Yi!

Goh Jun Yi

15 // Sagittarius

Ideal Career // Something that i’ll be happy with

Creative Approach // Doing what I love

Fact // I am afraid of heights

Message // Stay true to yourself, enjoy what you do

Fussy // Tomatoes



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