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Mathyr is the Founder of GoSolo SG where he creates custom snapbacks and more. Think (proudly) ‘Made In Singapore’. Yes, something you don’t see very often. Very few makers in Singapore are actually going the extra mile by making products themselves, and Mathyr is one of them. We were very intrigued by his craft of making snapbacks and he generously shared with us how he got into making snapbacks and the process behind these custom snapbacks.

  • // Tell us a bit about your story.
  • M: I am Mathyr. My full time job revolves around InfoTechnology. I have been in a mundane technical routine for more than 13 years, till I started my music stint in a local acapella band in 2009. While I was looking for an onstage identity, Flyin’ Colors had just launched their debut SGPxNE snapback caps. Fell right in love with my first purchase. There began an exclusive collection of snapback caps featuring limited editions from Frank Chop Shop, DC Shoes, etc. My passion grew inside of me like a tumor with my indulgence.

    Each design worn on the street caught my attention and the need to stand out was overwhelming. I did not want to just be a trend-following snapback fan. I strongly believed it was time to innovate! After watching enough Youtube videos to fuel my confidence in dismantling the brim off my caps, I started customizing them with my favourite fabric motifs. Unique and truly one of a kind, that’s what I had in my hands. The result was so delightful that I got addicted. That’s how GoSoloSg was born.

  • Submerged into the art of sewing and brim customization, I experimented with many ideas including sewing a 5-panel camper cap from scratch. With a burning interest, a lot of practice and nudging from fellow comrades in Hong Kong and Malaysia, GoSoloSg evolved from just brim customizations to full customizations of design and concept in collaboration with our manufacturing partners.

  • // What is the process like in making custom snapbacks?
  • M: There are a total of 4 major steps to making custom snapbacks.
  • Design

    We call it artwork or logo, even though some are just texts. Our hats go through high standards of embroidery processes. Thus, the artwork has to be rendered with requirements of the machines – minimum line width or dot circumference, stuff like that. GoSoloSg merges both style and practicality to produce quality designs.

  • Digitization

    The high definition artwork goes through a conversion process to a format that can be read by the machines. This is done by an in-house digitizer deciding how the “pathing” (stitch directions) in the logo will run depending on the stitch option chosen – 2D Normal, 3D-Puff, Patch, Fluff. This step is paramount to avoid unwanted gaps of fabric, uneven texts and other defects.

  • Production Lines

    Most companies would just proceed to sew the designs on ready-made wholesale. However, GoSoloSg specializes in 100% customizable caps up to its fabric and even stitches. Only once an order is confirmed, will each cap be cut off the chosen design fabric, sewn panel by panel and finally embroidered with the awesome design.

  • Quality Assurance

    Finally and most importantly – QA. Every cap will go through 3 main quality control stations. We make sure the workmanship is always up to par and consistent. The shape of the dome, the brim, the snapbacks and other details are put through strict scrutiny. Only then will GoSoloSg ship the order to our clients, keeping to our promise of the highest quality products.

  • // A message for readers?
  • M: Everything else is the same, until you Go Solo.
Read on for some facts about Mathyr!


36 // Scorpio

Ideal Career // A streetwear Guru with a functional streetwear boutique outlet focusing on customising caps and of course caffeine

Creative Approach // Traditional is Original. And never compromise quality with quantity.

Fact // I am living with 3 alter egos; the IT guy, the snapback cap enthusiast and the vocalist in a local acapella band. and I think i have room for one more.

Message // When it comes to third party, it is best to get the best that’s out there than going for the cheapest you know. You may end up kicking yourself in the butt for not knowing better. And now you know.

FUSSY // Yes. but it is more of a pet peeve.

Getting myself involved in the design and manufacturing industry gave me the chance to understand the importance of giving and getting credit where credit is due. Staying up late, squeezing the creativity juice to satisfy clients, designers (especially independent ones) often fall short of getting their dreams. Replica versions of their works get reproduced and sold at a fraction of the retail price. It is unfair and it is taking the life (by life, i mean Passion) out of them and in turn stealing their meals off the tables as well.

I am FUSSY about clients who come to me or send me pictures of products and request an exact replica of it. I respect every designer, from their ideas to creations, and I hope that we all make a point to support ORIGINALS and ORIGINALITY. I always turn them down.



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