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White Black by Hao Xin, is a dance narrative which speaks about conformity. Something everyone has been through especially when you yearn for acceptance. His idea evolved and changed dramatically from one without any character, to a more choreographed piece. It’s not uncommon for creatives to have a completely different approach after an initial draft, though time might be of an issue then. We are still in favour of Change, his initial narrative concept but we can see why he shifted to a dance piece. He brings us through his creative process through this feature.
With the topic of conformity and acceptance being close to me, I decided to try and find a method to convey a message for people to be more accepting of differences.Hao Xin
  • // White Black
  • Hao Xin (HX): White Black is the title of my Final Year Project at the Glasgow School of Art‘s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communication Design, which was in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology. It was a 9 month long open brief project which we were required to self-direct. Having taken up this course in order to expand my skill sets and design thinking, I decided to have a go at experiencing all of the mediums.

  • // Initial Concept
  • HX: I initially experimented with the video, Change, without any narration or character to convey that message. But I decided to move on to focus on how I can tell a better story as the attempt was too abstract. Deciding to add in a narrative, I moved on to focus on story-telling methods and techniques. From writing attempts to storyboarding, I also tried to draw a graphic comic as the framing helped in focusing on major parts of the plot. This nuance was inspired by how Zack Snyder got inspired in making The 300 movie by referring back to the graphic novel. Upon locking down on the narrative, I moved on to production and was also faced with resource constraints as I funded it wholly by myself.
What we gathered from Change is how routined lives have become.FUSSY
  • // Dance Narrative
  • HX: I decided to go back and review what I had on hand and concluded to do a dance narrative. This got me to look for a choreographer and two dancers to help me out with the video. Then I began from scratch to work on a narrative based on my resources available. To start off, I wrote poems in order to convey the emotions with the choreographer. We came up with the dance together while I also scouted and planned for production.

    However, due to planning oversight, the end result wasn’t as good as intended and due to other commitments, I had to restart from scratch due to my planning errors. At this time, everything fell onto me. I decided to try out dancing to work out the choreography. This helped as it gave me more ideas on planning camera angles for production.

  • // Post Production & Experience
  • HX: In post, I faced challenges whilst attempting to create the audio for the video and also in editing. The final product was a dance narrative in which touches on the emotional conflict one faces when being forced to choose between conformity and individuality.

    However, all in all, this entire project was fruitful for me as a designer since it sent me on a learning journey, which wasn’t what I had expected. Not to mention the advice given by course lecturers, friends and loved ones that has contributed to this project.

Read on for a short film of his which we really like as well and some facts about him!

Choo Hao Xin

24 // Taurus

Ideal Career // That of Yohji Yamamoto.

Design // I believe in experiencing life in order to excel at design thinking. Reason being by experiencing life, we will get a wider perspective of our situation and also a better understanding of our surroundings.

Fact // If you are interested in working or a collaboration, you can contact me at my mobile @ 98009529 🙂

Message // Be open to differences, have a look before rejecting something for who knows, you might just accept it at the end of the day.



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