Register for an account with us if you haven’t already at the Sign In / Register page.

Once we have approved your account, you’ll receive an email on the successful registration and you may Login at the same page.

Upon Login, you’ll be directed to the Freelancer Dashboard page where you have access to an overview of your Freelancer account.

Freelance Information

Go to the Settings tab and input your Freelancer Name. The Info and Bio segments are optimal for customers who want to get an understanding of your background before engaging you for a service or to purchase your product.


Input your Bank Name and Number so that we will be able to transfer you payments by customers upon completion of their order.


You’ll be able to upload your own store banner and icon, which we will soon integrate.


You only need to add this in if you have physical products which may be shipped overseas. You may input the varying prices for different countries.

Local shipping in Singapore should ideally have its shipping cost already included in the overall price of your product.

Social Links

Input your social media links here for customers interested in finding out more about you.

Profile Picture

Under the Profile tab, head to ‘Change Profile Photo’, where you’ll be able to upload and crop your image. This image will be shown on your item listings as well.