Register for an account with us if you haven’t already at the Sign In / Register page.

Once we have approved your account, you’ll receive an email on the successful registration and you may Login at the same page.

Upon Login, you’ll be directed to the Freelancer Dashboard page where you have access to an overview of your Freelancer account.

To add your services and products, head over to the Product tab and Add Product.

For Services/Products with a fixed price, go to Simple Product.

Input the following details like Name, Description, Category, Images and Pricing.

Do note that ‘Simple Product’ is for a service/product that has only one price. For services/products that have varying prices depending on options, refer to Variable Product (next image).

For Services/Products with varying prices, go to Variable Product.

Make sure that the Product Type is set to Variable Product, and go to the Attributes tab.

Select an attribute that is similar to what you’re trying to specify and Add it.

Make sure that the tick boxes are checked beside Visible on the product page and Used for variations.

Input the options that are related to your service/product.

For example, Simple Logo Design ($150) | Detailed Logo Design ($250). What separates the options, is the character ‘|‘.

Remember to Save Draft.

Once done, in the Variations tab, go to ‘Create variations from all attributes‘.

You will then see the different attributes, where you can input the different prices.