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// Somewhere, somehow you’ll be recognised, soon enough.

WEEKLY CURATE: Straight up disrespect isn’t cutting it for us. Recent Kanye West stint over at the Grammy Awards was uncalled for. Just cause Beck isn’t that much of a commercial crap as most are doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve an award any lesser than Beyonce. Beck was classy to not get affected by it at all. Let’s not forget what Kanye did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs, interrupting her speech when she was receiving an award.

It’s not just Beck that was the lesser known individual who got nominated for a Grammy (though he actually won it). There were 7 other albums that were nominated for the Grammy Awards, and guess what, they were ALL funded through Kickstarter. Yay to independent music!

Antonique Smith – Hold Up Wait a Minute (Woo Woo)

Nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance
Funded: US$ 50,027

Mike Farris – Shine For All the People

Nominated for Best Roots Gospel Album
Funded: US$ 27,738

A Far Cry – Dreams & Prayers

Nominated for Best Chamber Music / Small Ensemble Performance
Funded: US$ 27,245

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Back on the Controls

Nominated for Best Reggae Album
Funded: £ 14,224

Brady Rymer – Just Say Hi!

Nominated for Best Children’s Album
Funded: US$ 21,424

Jeremy Fox – All My Tomorrows

Nominated for Best Arrangement, Instrument and Vocals
Funded: US$ 7,101

Jo-El Sonnier – The Legacy

Nominated for Best Regional Roots Music Album
Funded: US$ 4,522

ll these goes to show that independent music, stories and dreams funded by passion and a supportive community can actually go a long way. Or to put it simply, independent trumps commercial. The power is in the hands of the people. Never let someone tell you it’s impossible. Do what you want, whenever you want, however you deem fit. Somewhere, somehow you’ll be recognised, soon enough.

Featured Image Credits: Beck Official Facebook Page



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