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Our main priority in choosing a hotel while in Hong Kong was that instead of typical, commercial ones, the hotel has to be in some way unique and well designed. Of course, it had to fit within our budget as well since we would be spending five nights there.
We were also concerned about accessibility, as our itinerary required us to move around very often. We searched for a few hotels that fit our requirements, and finally settled for Inn Hotel Hong Kong. Here’s 5 reasons why!

  • // Transport
  • Inn Hotel is extremely near Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR). It was no more than a 30 seconds walk to Yau Ma Tei’s control station.

    It was also near bus stops, which had bus routes to Hong Kong International Airport, overnight buses at that, with a HKD$23 fare, and also varying commute times depending on the bus service that you take – Bus N23 at 40 minutes while N21/N21A are at 75-80 minutes.

  • // Food
  • Inn Hotel is located in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong instead of Hong Kong Island, and it has substantially more food stalls and coffee shops. Locals more commonly refer these coffeeshops to Cha Chaan Teng, 茶餐廳 (though directly translated as tea restaurant).

  • The ones just beside the hotel were open from breakfast till slightly past midnight as well. Pictured above is of a Pineapple Bun locals call Bo Luo Bao, 菠蘿包, sold in a coffeehouse just beside the hotel. Of course you’d have to pair this with their Hong Kong Milk Tea as well as Macaroni if you’d like to enjoy the local breakfast culture.

  • We’d also recommend going a few streets down Portland Street towards Mong Kok at night, where you’ll come across 囍囍美食, a food stall selling skewers about SGD$2 each. There’s a wide range from duck to cuttlefish balls, enoki mushrooms to bacon wrapped in sausages and a whole lot more. It is a must go for a late night snack considering it’s also quite definitively a representation of Hong Kong’s culture with a scene of locals sharing a huge plate of these skewers amongst friends.

  • // Design
  • As designers ourselves, we were quite particular with the design of the rooms we were getting in Hong Kong. We didn’t want a commercial hotel with typically designed rooms, and we knew space in Hong Kong was tight so we weren’t expecting rooms to be spacious.

    We decided upon Inn Hotel mainly cause it looked simple and minimalistic. The rooms were a bit tight, but they made good use of what they had which was height. The rooms have a ceiling height of almost 3 metres, which makes the space seem a lot bigger.

  • They also did without wardrobes and allocated hangers for clothes which wasn’t an issue with us since we don’t actually make use of wardrobes anyway. Hangers alone were sufficient.

  • Most of all, it was clean and serviced throughout the 5 nights which we spent there, and it’s always nice to come back to a room which is tidied and made up after a long day out.

  • Their in-room safes are also smartly built in by the bay window, and it is where you would make hot beverages while looking at the view.

  • One minor setback was that the rooms didn’t have a minibar so we couldn’t store any drinks or have anything cold, but K-Circle, their equivalent of a 7-11 was just a couple units down so getting cold drinks wasn’t that big an issue.

  • // Room Types
  • Their room types are designed with a demographic in mind, catering to varied groups. For ones who are out of the hotel most of the time exploring Hong Kong’s culture, the rooms they offer would be more than sufficient.

  • Whether you’re a working professional here on a business trip, a group of three or the usual family and couple, there’s a room for you. Yes, even if you’re in a (not so odd) group of three. Inn Hotel cater rooms specifically for you, and it’s not in a roll away bed or tucked away awkwardly.

  • // Inn Hotel Services
  • The services they provided were above average. Upon checking in, we were allocated our rooms of which we were generously offered the Deluxe Harbor View room. And we were sent to Level One to make payment. What we liked about this process is that there isn’t any traffic hold up on the Ground Floor since space is already quite limited. (Fun Fact, floor levels are referred to as Ground Floors and they don’t consider them Level One.)

    They also have a weekly weather forecast at the reception counter which we thought was quite considerate and unexpected.

    We checked out at 3am in the morning, even then all we had to do was drop off the room cards and we were off to go.

  • // So would we come back again?
  • Yes, we most definitely would! It’s one of the most accessible locations to stay at in Hong Kong especially if you’re one to need late night street food. Inn Hotel is FUSSY approved!

Keep a lookout next week for more about our trip in Hong Kong including our FUSSY creative guide to Hong Kong!



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