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Instrmnt Watch (pronounced as Instrument) is a year long project by the trio from Glasgow which saw a very successful Kickstarter campaign and it garnered more than £90,000 from the community. Kickstarted by Pete Sunderland, Ross Baynham and Thomas Potter, its design boasts of a very sleek and minimalistic look which we are absolutely obsessed about. We have always been on the lookout for watches which are simple, tells the time and the date. That’s all. We didn’t need elements found in a chronograph watch like the metered bezels, rattrapantes and flybacks.

// We wanted the time and the date. That’s all.

Instrmnt watch comes in 3 different colours. Rose gold, silver, and gunmetal. (It’s only recently that they came out with a black version.) Its mechanism boasts of Swiss Ronda 585 3h movement covered with a 40mm PVD coated 316L steel casing. The glass display is, of course, sapphire crystal. The straps which come with it are genuine leather and 18mm wide. If specifics bore you and you just wanna know if Instrmnt is a good durable watch, yes it is. They do have a one year warranty as well.

I haven’t even begun to talk about the cool part. Instrmnt Watches encourage you to actually assemble it yourself. The face and straps of the watch come separately and the tools are provided in well designed and thought out packaging. Don’t worry, it’s fool proof. If however, you find difficulties in assembling it, do mail us and we’ll guide you, or you can head on over to Instrmnt watch’s website where they provide you with instructions.

Most if not all products now, come with the ready-to-use luxury for consumers.
That is good, but sometimes, we wanna feel more for what we purchased. We wanna feel like we bought something which has part of us in it. We wanna be part of the process. Thank you Instrmnt, this concept made us smile and we hope to see more of your products!

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