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Joshua Wang is a wall muralist. His work titled Fantasy Red Sea, is based off the biblical event from the parting of the Red Sea. What we like about his story is that doodles and illustrations need not just be expressed through posters or left in sketchbooks. They should make a difference in someone’s life. Art and creativity should be put to better use, whether it’s adding value or for aesthetic purposes. Joshua explains more about Fantasy Red Sea which he drew on the wall of his friend’s living space.
“It’s a familiar story in the Bible. Nonetheless, I wanted something different, something mixed with imagination and to enhance the impossible – something fun, fantasy-like.”Joshua Wang Kaisheng
Joshua (J): It began with a concept, which had already been written – Moses raising his staff and the parting of the Red Sea. Adding on to that, sea creatures and whatever remains out there. (I also added a first person experience – a diver in there, cause why not?)
  • // From Notebook to Wall
  • J: I started sketching it out on my notebook when a friend of mine suggested having it as a wall mural in his living room (since I really love doing murals), thus the illustration was being scaled and painted on a wall. Time spent on notebook: 5 hours. Time spent on wall: 10 hours.
  • // Of Pride & Ungratefulness
  • J: Right in the middle there’s a peacock and a pig, being lifted up the sky with hot-air balloons. Peacock signifies pride; pig, on the other hand, shows off ungratefulness, uncleanliness, and always going back to slums even though they ought to have a bath. They belittle the value of what is offered to them and attack if they do not like what they are being fed with. Walking through the red sea, these are the two attitudes that are to be lifted – crossing over and overcoming them.
See more of his works or read on for some facts about him!

Beasts of Ezekiel (2.5m x 1.2m)

Big Horns Wall (3.7m x 1.2m)

The Hive Mural

Joshua Wang Kaisheng

25 // Cancer

Ideal Career // NBA Player, no doubt. Nothing beats the sound of the ball swishing through the net and moving around the court. But for now, let me come back to earth, I am a Wall muralist, a Designer.

Design // No design is original. It is always a ‘take out’, reflection of someone else’s ideas. However, it is always special if you take a little from here and there to make it something you call your own, defining your style, your art. It always is about finding yourself.

Fact // Small sketchbooks, big walls. I like to doodle on sketchbooks and transfer that idea onto a bigger platform, in this case, a piece of wall. It may seem like double work, but the bigger the platform, the more excited I get and the details of my art is then unleashed and brought to life!

Message // I believe in being diligent with our hands. Talent seldom comes into the equation. Personally, I like to mix hard work and character into a piece of work. More than just an illustration/design, it represents my heart and passion in my art.



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