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Alex Wong, a photographer we stumbled upon at Unsplash and were somehow drawn to his images amongst the many stunning shots others have contributed. We took a liking and searched more of his images. Lo and behold, he’s actually from Singapore. So we got in touch with him as we wanted to share his works with you. He shares with us 10 of his images and how he got into photography. (Fun fact, we’re using his image for our Facebook cover photo!)
“My usual set up is a 5DMK3 with a 16-35L2.”Alex Wong
  • // From HTC to DSLR to Community
  • Alex: I’m Alex from Singapore. Currently studying Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media, at Republic Polytechnic. Photography has been my passion since young. I started with my HTC phone’s camera and I would just take pictures of anything. When I was 14, my friend introduced me to the world of Instagram and since then, photography became my passion. Instagram gave me inspirations from different people and that pushed me further to using a DSLR for quality pictures. I was also given many opportunities to meet new people through the Instagram community. And till now I’m still shooting with the people I’ve met through Instagram.
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  • Alex Wong 9 FUSSY Singapore #fussysg
“I take street photography, so it can be anything from the streets. The usual shots I will take are of symmetry, architecture, long exposure, panning, look ups and people.”Alex Wong
Read on for some facts about Alex!

Alex Wong

18 // Taurus (But I don’t believe in horoscopes)

FUSSY // Making sure that my photos are straight

Ideal Career // Freelance photographer

Creative Approach // All in or not, see things in a different perspective

Fact // I stand for what I believe in

Message // Love to live and live to love.



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