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  • // Lloyd’s Inn brand
  • Walking distance from Somerset MRT, Lloyd’s Inn is located right in the heart of Singapore but offers an experience distant from the bustling city life. The rebranding of Lloyd’s Inn was done by FARM in 2014 with regards to their new logo, collaterals and spatial appearance. The new logo represents the individualities of their guest travelers but what FUSSY saw from it was a playful and vibrant revamp, with the Y representing the trees and lush greenery it was surrounded with, and the minimalist L’s representing the clean and simple pathways and structures they had, which also looks the part from a floor plan. Intrigued, we booked ourselves a one-night stay over at their Garden room.
  • // Smaller than expected
  • Though it had a decent amount of space, it still seemed smaller than what we had in mind as portrayed in their images. However, their attention to detail and appreciation for raw forms made up for it. Their staff and service too were efficient and there were no delays or hiccups when checking in or out. Their public area had lounge beds and a dipping pool that wasn’t being made use of fully. We thought that the addition of ambient music would help enhance the charm of its outdoor space as well as to encourage more guest interactions of which volume is to be controlled so as to not affect neighbouring private properties.
  • // Playful walkways and graphic icons
  • The spaces leading to the rooms too were interesting. They weren’t boring us with repetitive walls and predictable layouts or making us rush to find our rooms, but easing you to your room with the play of pathways and a new view at every turn. Also because you can find graphic representations of what you’re heading towards to throughout the inn, which to us was refreshing especially since the whole feel of Lloyd’s Inn was right up our alley. Clean, simple and no nonsense.
  • // The Garden room
  • Concrete flooring has been around for a while now, but it was our first time stepping bare feet onto it in the room. It felt weird, foreign then familiar. Guess raw materials make you feel that way. The Garden had an outdoor area with a swing chair. We weren’t really wowed by their interior since the space was a bit tight. But overall aesthetic was clean while luggage was cleverly stored under the platform bed, in the drawers.
  • // Breakfast
  • The plus had to be the Singaporean breakfast meal. You would have to get it nearby at Killiney, choosing between regular kaya toast or French toast. It came with coffee or tea, and two half boiled eggs. That was a plus since many hospitality accommodations are offering standard intercontinental breakfasts. We prefer it old school, not heavy, just right, local style.


    Would FUSSY recommend the Garden room?

    If you’re alone, yes. But consider other rooms if you want your space or if you’re with friends.


    Would FUSSY recommend staying at Lloyd’s Inn at least once?

    Yes. It will introduce you to deliberate design with regards to branding of a business and interesting spatial layouts.


    Would FUSSY go back to Lloyd’s Inn?

    Only if it’s Skyroom or Patio (and if they remove ‘replicas’ of the Eames Aluminium Group Management Chair).



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