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Miniature creations are seen quite often but not when it comes to local delights. Veavee Ng of Fun With ARtz has not only made her passion into wearables but also offers workshops for keen learners who want to experience the process of making miniature pieces. Her creations include Croissants, Steamboat, Nonya Kueh, Steamed Buns, Wanton Noodles and many more. The level of detail we see in her works are commendable considering the size in which it’s being produced at. We caught up with her to find out more about what she does!

  • How did Fun With ARtz come about?
  • V: Fun With ARtz is a Singapore based training company specializing in Arts Education, providing fun and educational workshops from age 31 month onwards. I started teaching as a career with a classmate after I graduate from Art School. From there, I found the passion in me to teach. As I continued in this teaching career, I got captivated in the love of creating small things. My creations are also incorporated into accessories and wearables. Creating miniatures is now my full time job and it has been my true love ever since I can remember.

  • How do you achieve the details?
  • V: Each piece of work is hand sculpted, painted, coloured, seeking to achieve perfect realism in miniature food replicas by me. I achieve the details through observations, through the usage of tools I can get my hands on.

  • Can you bring us through the process of making it?
  • V: When I’m creating a specific food item, I look for photos online of the real thing. The images help me to see how the food was originally made, how I can replicate it in miniature sizes, and which tool would be the perfect one to use in order to get the same texture. Most of my pieces require several steps, and each step in the process requires baking.

  • V: For example, for a macaron, I create the shells first, and, after they are baked, I create the filling. Then I attach the two shells into one piece. If I am making it into a wearable, I will need to attach pins in between the clay shells before I bake the end product. After completion, I will then attach necessary findings as wearables.

  • Tell us about the workshops you’re offering?
  • V: My workshops offer wide variety of clay molding techniques. They include mixing different shades of colours, handling various clay and mold materials and shaping intricate details through the usage of tools. Attendees will experience and learn the magical craft of making realistic replicas using good quality clay. At the end of the workshops, they get to bring home their homemade replicas, all ready to be worn or displayed.

  • Takeaway message for readers?
  • V: Creating an art piece takes time and practice to find the ultimate technique. There is no fastest or most suitable way. Only through multiple trial and errors, can we achieve perfect realism. Never giving up, will lead one to success eventually.
Read on for some facts about Veavee!

Veavee Ng

38 // Taurus

Ideal Career // Air conditioned working environment that can last me till my last breath. (I am still working hard towards my Ideal Career. Currently my teaching environment ESP in schools are all non air-con classrooms.)

Creative Approach // 1) To Be a Good Artist. Practice a lot Of It. More Than You Can. 2) I have More Ideas Than Time

Fact // Learning gives creativity. Learning provides Knowledge. I never stop learning. Learning Provides Knowledge

Message // Believe you can Do It, Go Out there and Do It, Because that’s the Only Way you are Gonna Get It.

FUSSY // The quality of my End Product must be good enough to be used.



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