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Music Matters Live 2015 Singapore: 3 Acts You NEED To Know!

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So this weekend we were over at Music Matters Live 2015 in Singapore which took place at Clarke Quay.

In general, we liked the concept of artistes coming over here, but playing at pubs and bars just didn’t really do it for us and I guess not so much for some of them(artistes) either.

They weren’t really given the full respect they deserved since those at pubs just happened to be there drinking on a typical weekend instead of actually wanting to see the act. If you missed it, here’s 3 acts you definitely need to start listening to.


Angus Dawson was our favourite during Music Matters Live 2015 in Singapore. An indie-electronic producer from Perth, Australia, he sounds waayyy better live. Auto tuning on the voice but that’s fine. We preferred his set at Timbre Music Academy(TMA) compared to the one at Barber Shop by Timbre cause of the room’s intimacy as well as the crowd who actually gave a damn about him. (Yes we’re still quite annoyed at how artistes are playing at pubs and how those present, weren’t actually there to see the act.) Angus also played Charlie Chaplin’s Dictator Speech during his opening at TMA. I mean, dood, giving recognition and playing it during your opening? Applause. His mate Louis assisted him on the drums as well. You can hear more of his stuff over at soundcloud.


Dean Ray. Runner up on The X Factor Australia, singer-songwriter Dean Ray has mad guitar skills and sings quite intensely. But he seemed friendlier on stage talking between songs. Strumming while using a beer bottle to ‘press’ the chords with your other hand and actually sounding like he did was quite the eye opener. Didn’t manage to catch him singing our fav ‘Reckless’ but he did ‘Coming Back’. Hear more of him on his YouTube!


Jeremy Loops. We first heard of him from Ben Brown, YouTube Vlogger. Then we immediately caught on knowing he plays modern folk. All the way from Cape Town, South Africa, he loops and layers sound. His mates Motheo Moleko (rapper), Jamie Faull (saxophonist) and Mr Sakitumi (drummer/bassist) were also with him. We’ve always preferred a more intimate setting with lesser people thus we caught him at China One. At Fountain Stage though, they played better as the crowd was bigger and they fed off the vibe. Jeremy played ‘Down South’ only at Fountain Stage since their China One’s set got cut short. More of his stuff over at his YouTube!




Korean trio with their electro riffs. Them over overhyped Hardwell anyday.



Manceau from France with their French Pop. Vocalist Julien Vignon.



Michelle Xen from Australia was eclectic, entertaining and definitely intriguing. Electronic future pop.



Morgan Bain gives us a little James Morrison vibe actually. Blues, soul, rock singer from Australia.



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