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Nightmares Are Made Of This by Trivia Goh is a children’s book for adults. Initially published in a size of 1.6m, it’s now printed and published in a friendly size of 12cm by 18cm, due to popular demand. We like how she has taken a step further and come this far. Many of us have a passion for what we do and what we stand for. Taking it to the next level and actually making it a reality is the next step, however hard that may be. We also like how she’s spreading the word that lying to children should not be encouraged at all with illustrations and her own rhymes. Although the title of the book on the cover could have been a little more centralized for us (maybe cause we’re so fussy), all’s good since it adds to the warped concept.
The concept targets parents who engage in the practice of instrumental lying to their children. This typically involves baseless threats and tall tales that scare the little ones into behavioral compliance. Trivia
  • // Local parental lies
  • The giant book contains 10 local parental lies with accompanying imagery to illustrate the distinctive wrong in instrumental lying by showing the gruesome imagery their words evoke. The aim is to discourage this abusive practice as it instills a warped sense of morality and decorum in future generations. It also serves as a reminder for grownups to be more mindful of their words to children.
  • // Local parental lies
  • The lies are presented in 4 liner rhymes, 1 stanza for each lie. An example would be the lie of your eyes falling out if you watch too much television.


    “You ought to know what happens,

    when you’re watching too much telly.

    Your eyes would pop right out,

    your sockets left all empty!”

  • // Demand in stores and her own Meet the Author session
  • Her books are already in independent bookstore, My Imagination Kingdom (S$14) and her own online store (US$15), where you can also get Nightmares Are Made Of These postcards. Kinokuniya has also placed an order for her books and they will be in stores sometime next week. That’s not all. She’ll be having her very own Meet the Author at Imagination Kingdom on the 18th of October.


    Trivia will also be giving away one copy of the book! Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be giving it to the first person who contacts us!

See more of her works at or read on for some facts about her!

Trivia Goh

24 // Virgo

Facebook nightmaresaremadeofthis // Website // Instagram @trivialities

Ideal Career // Let’s make do with dream 🙂 I would like to travel the world and live off my art. That’s the dream.

Design // There is no one philosophy that holds true for every situation you can possibly imagine. Everyone/thing is a lesson we have to keep learning.

Fact // I like to have conversations with strangers. The ones that occur between them and I, over coffee and time, are the most important discussions I can ever have.

Message // Dr Seuss was right. There is no one alive who is Youer than You 🙂



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