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  • // This notebook by Bull & Stash is the last one you’ll ever need.
  • We released the FUSSY x Bull & Stash, Stash notebooks earlier and we’re currently selling smaller sized ones! Now if you don’t already know, these are the LAST notebooks you’ll ever need since the papers are refillable. There’s a hardware inside the notebook which allows you to unscrew it to add more papers or remove the ones you no longer need. You can keep the ones you’ve used and still be able to use the same leather cover, which has marks of the journey it has been through with you. Read more about our previous Stash notebooks!


    Note: All notebooks have limited stocks available, especially since they are hand made. Leather covers may also come with natural blemishes or numbers left from the leather tanning process. Bull & Stash does it out of respect and authenticity for the materials they use and the process that they go through.

  • // Travel Stash
  • Firstly, there’s the Brown Travel Stash notebooks. These are ideal if you’re out for a business meeting and you need something handy. The size is just right at 8.5cm by 15cm. Enough to record a decent amount of information while maintaining its feasibility to bring it everywhere. The notebook comes with 30 pages of blank thick quality paper, and it’s packaged in a box. Don’t worry about sprucing it up if it’s a gift for someone else.
  • // Sandy Travel Stash
  • We’re also selling a limited run of Sandy Travel Stash notebooks measuring 8.5cm by 15cm. It comes with 30 sheets of lined paper and the sandy feel of the leather is smooth, almost suede like. The debossed imprint on the front is that of a Bull instead of the words Bull & Stash too. More importantly, there’s only 5 of them for now!
  • // Travel Stash Refills
  • The Travel Stash refills come in Grid, Blank or Lined papers and they’re nicely packaged. Each refill has 50 sheets of thick high quality paper.
  • // Mini Stash
  • We’ve also included the Mini Stash notebook range. It fits right in your pocket at 6.5cm by 11cm. The Mini Stash refills also come in Grid, Blank or Lined papers. Each refill has 50 sheets of thick high quality paper.
  • Make sure to get your last notebooks you’ll ever need before it runs out at our FUSSY store!



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