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Our first feature Rowell Tan, explores the subject of nature with a series of images through Ultraviolet(UV) light photography titled Abyss Sea of Wonders. We like how he sees the unseen, the less observed with everyday objects. Objects which we consume and use without paying any form of attention to it, at all, other than it’s purpose. These images are also not digitally manipulated in any way, which we appreciate more considering the digital age we live in. We find out more about him and why the use of UV light.

(Image of Golden Mushrooms above.)

We tend to neglect and overlook the beauty of texture existing on ordinary and natural objects. It might look boring at first but by taking a closer look, you will realize that the detail of its organic form is structurally complicated.Rowell
  • // Why UV Light?
  • R: Ultraviolet(UV) light photography was previously used to discover and examine. Like what the book Things Come Apart introduced, Penny Bendall‘s journey as a conservator reveals the presence of adhesives, fills and over-paint. Photographs taken with UV light provide a valuable record of objects, while it’s still intact. Such images can be useful in unexpected ways. As such, I’ve used this methodology to show ordinary objects in the light of truth and to show how precious they are.
  • Image of Lotus Root

  • // Abyss Sea of Wonders
  • R: Eventually, the outcome leads to an unusual and mystifying look. My take for these images is the Abyss Sea of Wondersthe possibilities of the strange and extraordinary creatures living in the deep ocean.


    *All images are produced without any digital imaging process.

  • Image of Squid

  • Image of Feather Duster

  • Image of Dried Mushroom

  • Image of Japanese Mushroom

See more of his works at or read more for some facts about him!

Rowell Tan

26 // Virgo

Ideal Career // Art director in the advertising industry creating time-based mediums.

Design // Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. – Gucci

Fact // I prefer capturing architecture forms to human portraits.(

Message // Singapore is constantly evolving and future-facing. We should be open to accept anything, even if it’s a little weird. Taste can be nurtured with an open mind and exposure.



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