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SAN BY THANG WL is a high street menswear label by Thang Wei Lun. He has been making waves in the region, as well as having his pieces shown at the recent Digital Fashion Week. Apart from his fashion pieces, he also collaborated with famous Mexican illustrator Mario Mendez to come up with illustrations for his collection. Mario has illustrated for brands like DiorGivenchyJunya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons. We really like how the facial features of the different ethnic groups were cleverly portrayed. Not to mention how they are all emotionless alongside their distinct hairstyles. These factors really helped complement the collection and accentuate the whole look.
  • // Inspiration
  • Inspired by Romance of the Three Kingdoms, SAN BY THANG WL aims to translate the historical essence behind the story into modern world context. Each piece from the collection draws inspiration from the ancient warrior armor details and incorporating them with modern silhouettes to complete the unique look. He highlights 3 pieces from his collection below.
  • // Asymmetrical Outfit
  • Wei Lun (WL): The first outfit highlights the asymmetrical mandarin collar and the slit on the shirt hem, whereby both sides are imbalanced. When there are movements on the upper body, the slits will be seen and it resembles an armor plate worn by the ancient warriors in wartime. In addition to this look, studs are added at the shorts to incorporate modern elements and to also symbolize the metal studs on the warrior amour plate together with color blocking on it.
  • // Layered Armband
  • WL: The second outfit plays on the idea of color blocking but solely in black and white. Metal zippers are one of the highlights in this outfit. You will be able to notice a long zipper on the shirt where it’s replacing the normal buttons. Another highlight will be the layered armband. Instead of the normal sleeves on the shirt, I layered it with another piece creating the sign where the sleeve is exiting through another sleeve. The armband worn by the ancient warrior indicating which army they are in also inspired this. Therefore borrowing this little element the layered sleeve is created in the look. For the bottom, it’s also paired with a color blocking slim fit pant where zippers are placed at the end of the openings.
  • // Additional Flap on Shirt
  • WL: The third outfit plays on monochromatic colors and the highlight of this look will be the additional flap on the shirt. It acts as an extra-layered piece joined out on the garment. This compliments the mandarin collar and also a contrasting metal zipper vertical pocket. The bottom in this look is actually a harem pants but in a funnel silhouette whereby it transitions from baggy to tapered at the end. This will aid in big lower body movements and of course adding texture to the overall look.
  • // Brand Signature
  • WL: The brand’s signature is oversized with a long silhouette. Little details such as mandarin fastening knots and some intended cuttings are to pay homage to the three kingdoms era. Most importantly the brand-clothing signature are to be complemented with layering style and the element of color blocking technique. Lastly, the essence of this collection is meant to infuse modern element and historical elements together to create a brand new aesthetics.
Purchase a piece of his collection by contacting him through his social media links below or read on for some facts about him!

Thang Wei Lun

27 // Scorpio

Ideal Career // Fashion curator/Entrepreneur

Design // I love to draw Inspiration from Chinese ancient famous story novel and translate them into modern context using my brand signature style.

Fact // I am not a full time designer but a part time designer because it’s my passion! And I have a full time job working as a visual merchandiser.

Message // Always enjoy what you do and always be yourself forever! Be true to yourself!



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