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Sebastian Erazo Fischer from Berlin works with wood to create furniture pieces by hand. It’s such bespoke craft and expertise (or the lack thereof in the world) that we hope more will appreciate. He started off as an Architect but soon found his love for wood and went into learning more in depth about the material. What started off as a hobby has since evolved into projects for clients. We’ve chosen to feature one of a custom bedroom unit and another done just recently in a bar. (Image – Ignacio Bandera)
Made by hand, a bespoke furniture unit for a long and narrow bedroom (560x192cm). To one side the unit has closet functions, and to the other it works as storage, a bookshelf and a side table for the bed.Sebastian Erazo Fischer
  • // Bespoke Bedroom Unit
  • Sebastian (S): It is made out of 4 modules: two low chest drawers that work as benches with drawers running on waxed wooden guides, a double sided shelf -with one side for books and the other for clothes-, and a wardrobe with latticed fronts, that allows you to see through the structure of the doors.
  • // Treatment & Coating
  • S: The whole piece is finished with hard oil (made up of oils and resins from sustainable raw materials) and titanium dioxide pigment. This treatment hardens softwoods and is therefore resistant to scratches and daily use. It is also water repellent and the white pigment impregnates the soft glow rings of the wood giving it a bright surface with a very high refractive index. It is also UV light resistant, avoiding deterioration through light exposure. Tops and fronts include an extra layer of bee and carnauba wax.

    General dimensions are 360x44x220cm (LxWxH)

Images: Bruno Giliberto

That’s not all. Amongst his wide range of portfolio, his recent work at Twinpigs Bar in Berlin blew us away.
  • // 100 year old reclaimed wood
  • He crafted the bench in front of the bar at Twinpigs by hand, in collaboration with Paulo de Araujo, an architect from Berlin. What’s interesting is that it’s made from a 100 year old reclaimed wood taken from the floor of an old apartment in the same building. We can only imagine how well it has aged. There’s something about his style that we’re so attracted to – the joints, structure and design. How this piece seemingly blends well with the interior yet stands out on its own upon taking a closer look. His background as an Architect can definitely be seen more evidently here.
Read on for some facts about Sebastian!

Sebastian Erazo Fischer

33 // Pisces

Ideal Career // I guess this is it, yes.

Design // The solution of wood joints and systems which could eventually be applied both in cabinetry as in architecture, constitute the basics for the structure and design and they are shown as finishing details. The main references are found in traditional carpentry and cabinet making, and the result comes generally from the cross of techniques found in both trades.

Fact // I believe collaborative work (with colleagues, clients or friends) leads always to more interesting and thus better results than working alone and only with your ego. This means I’m constantly looking to develop ideas that come from real discussions between the persons involved, rather than just my own likes.

Message // The value and pleasure of handwork, of thinking things and being able to build them with your own hands.



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