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Zack Tan of zackartz is a self taught painter who paints the meaning behind a painting. He believes that the world needs a change in perspective and he wants to use his works to change it. Working mainly with oil paints, they are mostly of nature and scenic depictions as it gives him a sense of peace. For him, every artwork doesn’t come easy as it’s done from the heart, not just the mind.
“I do not just paint a painting. I paint the meaning.”Zack Tan
  • // What do you mean by the world needs a change in perspective?
  • Z: There is always two parts in this world. One where people can live well and another barely surviving (in short, the rich and powerful, the poor and weak).

    Although there may be people who say that the world is unfair, I believe that we should help people that are in need (not in crime though); regardless of race and religion. To do this we have to start learning, appreciating and understanding. Just like the painting “A Natural Gradient” (shown below), to cultivate inner peace, it is all in your mind.

    It is about every individual, who is able to make a difference. Just like how FUSSY is trying to bring together stories of creative individuals to promote creativity. No matter how small the role may be, we all play a part in this world. I hope to paint more and inspire people so that the world can be a better place.

  • // Being a self taught painter, how did you start?
  • Z: I started painting during my secondary school days (as it was part of the classes). I was introduced to quite a few types – acrylic, batik, chinese, oil, and water painting. From these, I realised I love doing oil painting more than the others. Each style has their own level of difficulty but I enjoy the challenges in oil painting.

    There isn’t a particular reason as to what made me pick up the brush to paint. Throughout life I realised that sometimes, words are unable to fully express an expression. Sometimes things need to be deeply thought of, then people will understand the meaning behind the story. This is why I continue to paint all these years, exploring more and making better works. The day when I am successful is the day when my works can speak for themselves. For now, I shall keep painting! (:

// Bring us through some of your works

  • // The Family Tree (April 2011)
  • Z:  There will always be someone looking after you and someday, you will be the one looking after others. I feel that the best view for sunset is always with one’s family, side-by-side, never apart.

    Medium: Oil Painting
    Materials: 24” x 18” x 1.42” Canvas, Brushes

  • // Colourful Insight (April 2014)
  • Z: If colours are not there in the first place, will things still be the same today? The colourless world is in need of appreciation. I feel that humans will live differently if the world is born without colours. Being in a coloured world today has made many forget that television shows used to be black and white. There is nothing blacker than black and nothing whiter than white. We want colours but forget who to be thankful for.

    “Remember, appreciate.”

    Medium: Oil Painting
    Materials: 40” x 30” x 0.63” Canvas, Painting Knife

  • // A Natural Gradient (September 2015)
  • Z: While thinking about being at a quiet and peaceful place, it may be at the top of the mountain. We all need a place where the coldness will cool and calm you down, a place where the wind will blow away your troubles. To get to that place, it is all in your mind. One does not need to be physically there.

    “To cultivate inner peace, it is all in your mind.”

    Medium: Oil Painting
    Materials: 18” x 14” x 0.63” Canvas, Painting Knife & Brushes

“I’m always learning, discovering and improving. Even if you give me 10 years, I’m still learning, discovering and improving.”Zack Tan
  • // What do you want people to know about you?
  • Z: Truthfully, I do not need people to know about me. I just need people to understand my works and be inspired. You may go far and reach your destination, but do not forget the reason why you have ever started the journey and it is your works that brought you there. I may be a self-taught artist/painter without proper art education, but that does not stop me from painting. Believe in yourself and the things you do, and do it. Leave no regrets.

    To conclude, learn, appreciate, understand, and be inspired.

Read on for some facts about Zack!

Zack Tan

24 // Cancer

Ideal Career // An artist, a designer, or perhaps a creative director. I’m here to inspire people by my works. Whether it is for work or personal, I create to inspire. Each and every work lies a deep meaning in it; a story of the creator or the story of the person the creator is doing for. It is not just a piece of work but also a piece of story not written, but painted on a canvas.

Creative Approach // Seek deeper meaning on everything, even if it is just one of the strokes from a piece of painting. Every stroke plays a part because when you put it all together, it forms a story for the lifetime.

I believe that there isn’t good or bad art. It is just the perception of each individual towards the piece of work. If you think it’s great, it’s great. If you think it’s not, it’s not. But at the end of the day your own opinion does not matter. What matters is what you’ve understood from that piece of work and learn from it.

Painting Style – Impressionism, Abstract.

Message // The world needs a change in perspective and I want to use my works to change it. Most of my works (oil paintings) are mostly nature landscape/scenery, which gives a sense of peacefulness.

Every art works does not come easy, as it is done from the heart, not just the mind. I hope to create more works and paint to inspire others.

FUSSY // A good cup of coffee or tea. It is not easy to find that these days.