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BizLife: Design as CurrencyConversation Four
  • // Big on fakes.

  • The hot topic brought across this session by the panel of furniture industry professionals was ‘replicas’ or when bluntly said, fakes.


    We were shocked when we heard Singapore was big on fakes since we thought we were a law-abiding society. But I guess there just aren’t any regulations (or reinforced ones) about intellectual property here. We’d also like to give everyone a benefit of the doubt that not many can distinguish fakes from the real thing considering even showrooms in Singapore are displaying fakes. Yes, even legit companies in retail spaces and nothing is being done and understandably we get why Dario got a little upset when talking about it. He added, the moment you step into Singapore, you’re able to see fake ‘swan chairs’ in the airport. He would know since he brings the real ones into Singapore.

  • // We need to be aware of the design process and design thinking that goes behind each product.

  • It’s sad how fakes are displayed so openly in Singapore and we don’t even know about it. It’s no wonder some students who have studied product design moved on to buying and selling replicas instead of designing a product of their own since it’s easier and makes more money.


    In relation to the topic of design ever being a currency, they concluded that it was definitely possible. But what is missing in Singapore is the lack of knowledge about the process and the time taken behind all these products. When one understands it, one would then be more willing to pay for the price of it and develop a whole new respect for product design and the effort behind each product.

It’s exactly why we are bringing in products directly from the creators who are overseas. We want people to know that there are creative solutions, alternatives to commercial products. Why support products of people who want to make more money than they already have, when you can support independent brands from people who genuinely want to make a living from what they like to do?FUSSY



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